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Snoop Dogg’s Neighbor Spent $450K In The Metaverse






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How much would you pay to live in the metaverse next to your favorite celebrity?

In case you haven’t heard, NFTs are on the rise. They’re being used in a wide variety of domains and are gaining attention from everyone who isn’t living under a rock right now. Snoop Dogg is well known for his work and has a huge following. As a singer, rapper, and actor, he partnered with the blockchain-based 3D world game The Sandbox to launch his very own world inside the metaverse.

One of the largest collections of worlds to date, which is called The Snoopverse, has been built by Snoop Dogg’s company ‘The Sandbox’. It is a portion of The Sandbox metaverse. There were 122 plots of virtual land in one of the fastest-growing metaverses put up for auction earlier this month. Early investors had the opportunity to purchase one of these high-quality NFT properties and it’s an exciting time for people to be able to invest in some investments! How much does this land cost? Well, that depends on where you’re trying to purchase it. For example, take a look at P-Ape who purchased his plot of virtual land right next to the prolific entertainer. This price tag is in excess of $450K!

Snoop Dogg’s new virtual reality game is taking cryptocurrency by storm. According to a report from Decrypt, the platform spent70,903.8222 SAND to live in the shadow of Snoop’s house. To put that $458k sale in perspective, it’s one of the biggest purchases ever made. That can be attributed to the product being sold. It’s an expensive NFT and as a result, was bought by a high-profile individual. Now the digital collage by Beeple is drawing new attention as it became the most expensive item to ever be sold on the NFTs.

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LAND will be on sale for the new Metaverse entry in the near future. With the popularity of NFTs, & resources needed to play, these prices should rise over time.

“The next campaign will be around promoting the sale of land, which is followed by a big concert. Tickets for this event have sold 1000 and will be available for purchase shortly before the concert is scheduled to take place in January.” said Mathieu Nouzareth, board member of The Sandbox

“I always keep my eye out for new ways to connect with my fans and what we’ve created in The Sandbox is the future of virtual hangouts, NFTs, and exclusive concerts.,” said Snoop Dogg. He also posted a reaction on Twitter saying “Won’t u be my neighbor.”

Those who purchase a Snoop Dogg Land Package will gain 3 additional NFTs after the purchase: an Early Access Pass, a huge Snoop Dogg statue, & an exclusive Brown Sugar Car. We have some more auctions coming soon. Keep an eye out in the future on our website for when the Sandbox are ready to go live.

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