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Recently Shiba Inu is accepted by Travala as a payment method. Travala accepts 40 different major cryptocurrencies as payment.

Travala, a blockchain-based online travel booking platform – and one backed by Binance – has added support for payments through Shiba Inus on their website. A tweet on the Australia-based crypto-forward company’s official account celebrates winning the token war a few days ago and encourages viewers to keep voting for their favorite dog breed.

Travala is now accepting the SHIB token across their website and currently offers over 2 million hotels, flights, and car rentals. They are also continuing to expand the number of blockchain tokens they accept.

While the platform has already embraced cryptocurrency, it is still in its early days & Travala will continue to make upgrades to better adapt to the changing cryptocurrency landscape. Shiba Inu and Floki Inu were out to continue their long-standing rivalry when they threw down in the Travala battle. The fight got quite close during the public vote, with Shiba Inu reaching a slight lead.

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The results reached almost half of all votes cast, with Shiba Inu holding a narrow victory over Floki. Dogecoin (DOGE) became available for purchase with USD from Forex apps and devices in early May 2021. The digital currency has been a mainstay of exchanges throughout the year with a meteoric rise in market cap, due to its branding and popularity as well as low transaction fees

You can also buy and sell tokens using Travala’s native token AVA on the Binance exchange.

The SHIB community is continuing to support the currency so that it can be adopted by more platforms. After a month of commending they would list Shiba Inu, the community finally convinced Kraken to do it. They did take a bit of time to accomplish but they eventually did and it can help you save time & effort.

SHIB is still trending today. In November, major US movie theatre chain AMC theatres announced that they would accept SHIB payments. Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, and Gemini have all listed Shiba Inu – the adorable dog breed. So far, Robinhood is the only major exchange left out in this.

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SHIB reached the milestone of 1 million holders! This is a testament to the holding capacity of SHIB, which has shown that it can continue to endure market changes. Only a few other major currencies have exceeded this number in recent years.

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