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IMPT: $2.1 Million Raised by New Green Crypto in Presales






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IMPT is a fresh project that leverages blockchain technology to make the world more sustainable.

It stands as ideal nominee for the greenest crypto of the year 2022.

In just five days, the IMPT tokens have hit an incredible $2.1 millions.

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IMPT tokens will be sold in two phases. At the first presale phase, 1 IMPT was worth $0.018, and 109 million tokens have already been purchased by investors.

By doing your part to offset 1 ton of carbon, you are also joining a global environmental community to improve the planet. To tackle these issues, IMPT has decided to tokenize carbon credits.

One of the major benefits of implementing blockchain technology is that it is impossible to double-spend tokens. This will greatly boost security and openness in the industry. There are several ways to get carbon credits. You can get the carbon credits from IMTP market initially.

However, IMTP has partnered with over 10,000 brands to award users IMPT tokens when they buy. Which will make it accessible for those without the means to get their hands on cryptocurrency. Carbon credits can be traded in with these tokens.

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IMPT to use the NFTs for Carbon Credits

IMPT provides a way to purchase NFTs to be used as a form of carbon offset. The blockchain offers an excellent way to validate the authenticity of carbon credits. This method is much more robust than other methods, and it lets you track any changes made to the certificate from one moment to the next. 

Carriers cannot abuse carbon credits because their actions are traceable.

IMPT Marketplace

Carbon credits can be traded in the IMPT carbon marketplace. They can be bought, sold, and retired. To prevent climate change, carbon credits are being exchanged via NFTs. Blockchain technology eliminates the risk of double-counting and fraud when used in carbon markets.

A third-party auditor verifies all credits on the IMPT platform to ensure they were issued legally. Most companies that give or hold carbon credits need to complete a KYC process. There are three levels to this trading platform:

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First Tier

  • Tokens for the IMPT platform can be obtained at Level 1 using cryptocurrency or fiat currency
  • These IMTP tokens can be used to purchase carbon credits.
  • NFTs on the blockchain will be replacing carbon credits.

Second Tier

You can trade and sell your carbon credit tokens on the market. IMPT is the only token type that can be used for purchases, and users can burn their carbon credit tokens to lower their carbon footprint, or the users may hold on to these tokens as an investment.

Third Tier

Users can buy and sell valuable NFTs in the third tier. Burning carbon credit tokens in the third tier become a helpful outlet.

The artist who designed the collectible NFT would own a unique work of art created by burning the carbon credit tokens. The user who burnt the carbon credit tokens would also possess an outstanding piece of art.

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