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Michael Jordan jumps into the NFT with Salona






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Legendary NBA player Michael Jordan has entered the world of cryptocurrency and collectible NFTs with the new ‘HEIR’ platform built on Solana.

NBA legend Michael Jordan, along with his son Jeffery Jordan, has made an announcement about how their family is getting into the cryptocurrency and NFT market.

Six-time NBA champion and Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is the latest celebrity to see potential in how crypto and Web3 technology can connect athletes and entertainers with fans. Today, Jordan revealed plans to take his fandom on a whole new level with the launch of a newly created app called JOY which will allow fans to connect with him in real-time.

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Michael Jordan and his son have co-founded a new company named HEIR. This company is introducing an upcoming platform that will allow devoted fans to connect with professional athletes using the HEIR token.

Furthermore, the platform will support NFTs and allow you to participate in a pregame huddle with exclusive benefits and features. HEIR.INC has already received $10 million in seed funding, and the release of their funding demonstrates their success. Thrive Capital led the funding round and attracted support from a variety of top tech, financial, and sporting names.

Michael Jordan NFT collection set to launch in 2022

One of the most popular college athletes, Kayvon Thibodeaux, went on to launch his own creator token on Rally. You can find Jaylen Clark’s taken here as well. Meanwhile, NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie has recently raised $7.5 million to launch his own social token and engagement app called Calaxy

Michael Jordan doesn’t seem to be slowing down! He participated in Dapper Labs’ top shot, a game streamed live on the internet and followed by nearly 40 million viewers. He also participated in Mythical Games’ Series C round for $150 million!

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Within just one year, Solana’s token value went from $2 to over $260. The coin is worth $166 today.

While Ethereum is currently the most popular network for NFTs, EOS established a clear lead in traffic. Solana is trying to give people a decentralized way to run applications, trading, and lending. The network has had some stability issues in the past but they hope that will improve over time.

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Image Source: CoinDesk

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