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What is the Sandbox? Everything You Need To Know About The Sandbox – The Metaverse Game






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Are you wondering about the concept of a 3D blockchain game? Have words like metaverse gaming left you in a pool of confusion? Did you feel left out while others were enthusiastically discussing The Sandbox? Is it getting a bit intriguing to know where the world is heading with metaverse games and more? Well, take a chill pill and sit back, first of all. You are not alone in this state of turmoil; there are innumerable more people with the same questions.

Not everybody is going to find it easy to understand things whenever technology changes or new things come up. Everything is indeed getting better and advanced; however, it is true that the technology behind such innovations might get a little complex to understand instantly. It is okay to feel bamboozled, but what is essential is that you must fetch info from reliable sources. If you wish to know about the NFT Marketplace and other blockchain-based gaming mechanisms, this post will guide you through many topics.

Meaning of some terms to know beforehand

It will not be an exaggeration to say that The Sandbox comes to the mind of a person when it is about blockchain gaming. The reason behind such a tagging together is that it is one of the leading platforms in this category right now. However, before hopping on what’s and how’s of this prominent gaming software, it makes sense to learn about the inseparable crucial terms first. They are described below:-

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Metaverse – It is a 3D universe aiming to build a social networking mechanism online. Anybody will be able to play, meet, work, exercise, and do anything in this 3D field.

Blockchain – Different from the traditional databases, blockchain is that digital ledger or database where all transactions are shared with the entire network. This mechanism prevents hacking and arbitrary modifications.

NFT – The short form for Non-fungible tokens, these are online tokens for different transactions. Digital scarcity, distinct existence, better security, no divisibility, and genuine authenticity are some of the highlighting features of NFTs.

Introduction to The Sandbox

Metaverse is under the developing stage currently, but it is emerging to be the future of the internet. It holds unlimited scope for all activities; however, as of now, it is the gaming field that is tagging along metaverse the most. The reason is that video games are in the closest sphere of 3D virtual reality.

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Even the developers are becoming utterly creative by hosting music shows, interactive sessions, and other crazy activities on their gaming portals. Even for players, such games have become a mode of socializing and entertainment with others in a virtual world by sitting in their home/office physically. All of this has become safe and catchy due to the presence of blockchain technology in such 3D virtual reality games.

This is when The Sandbox came into the scene; it is now wowing innumerable gamers with its unique and thrilling module. Poxowl had launched this game in 2011. People say that this was done to give a strong competition to Minecraft. However, the co-founders took The Sandbox to another level by infusing their gaming platform with metaverse and blockchain modules in 2018. This became a turning point and a milestone for the company soon.

Talking about the blockbusters of this game, The Sandbox in 2011 and The Sandbox Evolution in 2016 together fetched whopping 40 million downloads on Android and iOS mobile phones. Hoarding partnerships is a tedious task for any company; however, the adept people at The Sandbox have attained more than forty collaborations already. The names of some of their partners are Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Atari, Hell’s Kitchen, Samsung NEXT, Quan, Coincheck, Polygon Studios, LG Technology Ventures, Roller Coaster Tycoon World, Richie Hawtin, and many more.

There are nearly 50 people catering to different and special aspects of the game currently. Apart from game developers, there are CFOs, CTOs, marketing heads, content managers, community managers, and plenty more people with varied functions. After the immense success of Alpha 1, The Sandbox platform is all set to launch its newer version Alpha 2 on March 3, 2022. It will be available for PC and macOS as per the reports.

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What is The Sandbox?

Now, coming to the awaited part of what is the Sandbox. The developers here strive to give all their users a phenomenal gaming experience by layering up things with the advanced blockchain tech. There is no denying the fact that this game is turning out to be the most favorite of millions of players. Owning virtual land and digital characters with the help of NFTs is something that is making people go gaga on The Sandbox.

As inferred from the above paragraphs, it becomes clear that The Sandbox is a gaming platform that is based on blockchain tech to enhance user experience. 3D metaverse, Non-Fungible Tokens/ NFTs, blockchain, and Defi are the primary components of this virtual product. Its official website talks about being a community-driven platform where players can socialize and monetize voxel ASSETS besides relishing the gaming thrill.

Players will also get ample opportunities here to modify games, create avatars, and gain virtual assets with the help of aiding tools present. The cherry on the cake is that each player will be able to monetize their creations as NFTs and even sell them to get SAND tokens. In this way, players stick around for a longer time to fulfill their yearning for earning through their creation on this portal. The team launched a Sandbox version in 2020 that now stands firm with other strong marketplaces of the crypto universe like Axie Infinity and Decentraland.

If a person has to name the nerve components of The Sandbox virtual world, they will talk about VoxEdit, Marketplace, and Game Maker undoubtedly. These three elements give this game all the thrill and uniqueness people that talk about passionately. VoxEdit enables the making and modification of voxel art and The Sandbox allows exporting it anywhere. If a player has to sell or hoard the ASSETs, they will require the efficient Marketplace herein. Last, but not least, Game Maker is another significant feature that facilities creating and playing games beyond one’s fantasy.

In short, The Sandbox is a 3D gaming virtual world based on blockchain where players can play, edit, and earn.

How does The Sandbox work?

It is indeed a matter of curiosity to understand the working of The Sandbox. Creating Non-Fungible Tokens on own, converting them into a saleable commodity, interacting with others with virtual avatars, and everything else involves wowing tech and one must know about its underlying working. It might seem to be something too complex to grasp, but the following details can make everything easy to understand.

VoxEdit- It will not be an exaggeration to call this software a game-changer for animators. Skeletal rigging and timeline animation are the prime highlights of VoxEdit. It is so user-friendly that even a beginner-level artist can use this. The Sandbox also relies on this software for enabling its players to create games, avatars, and everything else. From weapons to ambiance, a tool to clothes, a player can use these Voxels aka 3D lego blocks for an intended design.

Game Maker- People wanting to create games often face the obstacle of not knowing how to execute coding. However, Game Maker has come to the rescue of such creative creators because they can make games with this software even if they know nothing about coding. After creating characters, tools, and other things, it will be imperative to place them in a given environment to give it the feeling of a moving game. The Sandbox also gets into this space to support its game creators.

Marketplace- When it is about an NFT marketplace, it simply signifies a place where people can trade their ASSETs for SAND which is the official cryptocurrency of The Sandbox. These assets can be generated in various forms like NFT wearable, structures, and other objects. The Sandbox released its beta version of the marketplace on 30th March 2021. The exciting part is that one can monetize all such assets by making them available for sale to other fellow gamers.

Funding was raised in October 2019 so that the designated creators could get the resources to create and trade games on this platform. The Sandbox has gained success in partnering up with around forty big companies that provide help in the desired way. Any creator who is backed up by such funding usually earns the following perks.

  1. Use Voxels and other fabulous tools to design a game.
  2. Hold the game ownership and copyrights in your own hands.
  3. Make your assets available for trading in the marketplace.
  4. Chances of interactive sessions with the other new or popular creators.
  5. Free exposure of the created games on the growing platform, The Sandbox.
  6. Opportunity to get free LAND packages in the digital world of the metaverse.
  7. Active member of the gaming community to bring in revolutionary ideas.

What is SAND?

Anybody entering the game creation module in The Sandbox is bound to see the term SAND often. It will become highly imperative to understand this lingo to proceed further productively and without any confusion. In the simplest sense, SAND is the official token of The Sandbox gaming platform used for all transactions and communications herein. The developers have created SAND with the help of the Ethereum blockchain tech and it is ERC-20. There is a fixed number of the available SAND which is 3,000,000,000.

According to its official website, SAND is currently available on Binance, UPbit, Huobi, Uniswap, Kucoin, LCX, BitMart, Tokocrypto, Simplex, and plenty more exchanges. The Binance Launchpad Sale Price is marked at 0.008333 USD / SAND at this moment. The Circulating Supply is around ~1,000,000,000 SAND.

What is the use of SAND?

A person can use SAND in the ways mentioned below.

1. Use the utilities in The Sandbox

Imagine that you have to purchase some equipment, modify the avatar, or buy other things in The Sandbox. Now, the question is that what will you offer in exchange for the sought commodity? Cash or fiat money is of no use here; thus, it will be SAND, the official token of this gaming platform that will facilitate your purchase. So, be it about playing a premium version or shopping anything, you will need SAND to enjoy such utilities. Even other gems and LAND is available for trading through SAND only.

2. Participate in the governance of The Sandbox

Today’s players are zealous about being active members of the gaming communities. Such a membership gives them the feeling of belongingness and gives them some power in the decision-making zone. SAND being the official token makes way for the entry of the player in the governance of this platform. The module of DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization is used herein to facilitate the decision-making process. Voting rights, foundation grants, gaming roadmap, feature enhancement, and other things are put to vote.

3. Generate more revenue by staking SAND

Everybody wishes to earn and it is like a cherry on the cake if it is possible through a thrilling gaming platform. If you are heading to The Sandbox, having SAND can help you in generating passive income. A player will have to put SAND on staking for this purpose that will eventually give him/ her more SAND. Doing this staking thing will also make it easy to acquire rare gems and other catalysts. Such collected gems and catalysts are integral to form assets in The Sandbox game maker. Thus, SAND staking can help in assets formation and revenue generation.

How to get SAND?

It is obvious to wonder how can anybody get SAND before they can stake it or multiply it. Get into free rounds or rewarding contests to get SAND. You can also buy it from crypto exchanges that accept SAND. Binance is the most popular exchange for this purpose. However, there are plenty of more options also. Check the official website to see an updated list of the accommodating crypto exchanges from where you can buy SAND. The procedure is easy and quick as follows.

Steps to get SAND

  1. Choose a crypto exchange that supports SAND and create an account therein.
  2. You may log in if you already have an account.
  3. Find the option Trade at the top; choose classic or advanced.
  4. Type SAND at the search bar present on the right panel.
  5. Choose the preferred SAND trading pair. Enter the amount of SAND you wish to buy.
  6. You will the final price after selecting the desired quantity.
  7. Select the Buy option to complete the purchasing transaction.

That is all you need to do and your Spot Wallet will reflect the bought SAND.

What are ASSETs & LAND in the Sandbox?

After knowing about SAND, it is essential to know two more terms- assets and LAND. Let’s understand them one at a time by going in some more details.

ASSETs: ASSETs are all those things created by users by way of NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. Creators use VoxEdit to design these voxel assets available in The Sandbox. After creating these assets, one can launch them as NFTs into The Sandbox Marketplace for trading and monetizing. There is no bar as to the scope of ASSETs. They can be anything from a building to a vehicle, from an animal to a wearable, from the clothes of an avatar to the tools used for attacking in the game, and any other creative object.

These ASSETs help the creator in improving the ambiance of their game for other players. And, they also serve another purpose of being available for sale and revenue in the form of NFTs. The scarcer the asset, the more will be its value in the marketplace. The kind of gems or catalysts required to obtain an asset defines how rare a specific asset will be for any player.

Catalysts are ERC-20 tokens in The Sandbox that help in determining the tier and scarcity of a particular asset created. They are vacant spots that will require filling with gems. When an asset will be rarer, it will create more empty sockets aka catalysts. Eventually, a player will need more or special gems to fill such catalyst. In other words, a higher tier will be easy to fill which will make the ASSET less rare with a lesser need of filling gems and vice versa.

LAND: LAND is a digital real estate property in these VR games that players can own and trade. The metaverse of The Sandbox has 166,464 LANDS available that is reported to be the fixed number forever. Players can earn if they have a piece of LAND in this digital platform. The owner can ask for payment if any other player wishes to visit their LAND. Offering social experiences or hosting thrilling games on your LAND is also another way of earning here.

  • Be it any tiny part of LAND in The Sandbox, they are all unique and distinct from each other. LAND is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is referred to as the ERC-721 token at The Sandbox. Players can buy LAND and create games, install ASSETs, and offer more services thereon. The more exciting part is that an owner of multiple LAND can conjoin them together to build an ESTATE. However, the maximum size allowed is 24×24.

There are several things an owner of LAND can do at The Sandbox. Such an owner can host contests and activities. One can either play the games created or invite others to play them. It is even possible to stake SAND and earn more customized ASSETs on your own LAND. Players love to monetize their ASSETs on LAND. The last but not the least thing to do is to vote in the metaverse governance.

The developers at The Sandbox understand that newbies might not know from where should start when it comes to buying LAND. This is why they offer helpful services. Any interested person can go through the extensive resources available online to get some guidance. One can also join the Discord of The Sandbox to get in touch with their community directly. The community is always up to take your queries and put forth relevant answers and tips.

Has The Sandbox Alpha 2 come out?

If anybody wishes to move ahead with The Sandbox, it might be a great time because the platform has just released its better and upgraded version Alpha 2. It was released on March 03, 2022. One has to create an account if they do not have one already. Alpha 2 promises thrilling quests that come with fabulous winning rewards. Completing the quests in this version will give the player an Alpha pass.

If you have a LAND or Alpha 1 pass, the chances to grab an Alpha 2 pass are utterly high. As of now, this version is available for macOS and PC only. The entry is open to anybody willing to indulge in the metaverse game of The Sandbox. Visit the official website of The Sandbox to catch more details about this newly launched update.

What are the key takeaways?

The Sandbox is emerging to be one of the most popular metaverse games. Its blockchain tech and other custom features are getting a lot of admiration from gaming enthusiasts. Reports say that some of its LAND presales got sold out within a few minutes of its release in December 2019. The sale proceeds at that time fetched the game more than USD 1 million.

The Sandbox is expecting a value as whopping as $20M soon and maybe even more. The team also claims to have secured a score of 93/100 when it came to rating the metaverse games in the industry currently.

Plenty of players have already connected to this digital space of gaming. It is reported that The Sandbox has more than 30,000 active users monthly. The developers hope to make it big in the coming time and be the ultimate masters.

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