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Whitney Houston’s Unreleased Track Achieves $999,999 at NFT Auction






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There’s been a lot of new things released in recent years about the NFTs related to Whitney Houston’s career. These things are for sale, and you should definitely get your hands on some!

Just when we thought that $999,999 would never be more than a dream, we just discovered a recording of Whitney Houston being sold via the OneOf marketplace. Houston’s song was recorded when she was 17 and only released after becoming a worldwide renowned artist. In total, the singer had over 200 million records sold worldwide. NFT platform OneOf announced the sale of Whitney Houston NFTs We remind you that this is not an auction. No bids have been opened and controlled by a third party. The artwork created by artist Diana Sinclair is not on auction and will be sold in December 2021.

A Miami art event that started on December 1 is selling NFTs related to Houston’s career. These NFTs are available depending on the tier you have bought into the platform.

As their membership levels increase, users can access rare and archival photos of the pop singer. Additionally, users at the platinum and diamond tiers will be able to obtain artwork created by Diana Sinclair that is inspired by some of Houston’s most famous songs.

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Proceeds from the sale of this historical collection will be donated to the Whitney E. Houston Foundation, which will use them towards their educational mission.

OneOf bills itself as an eco-conscious NFT platform built specifically for the music force. It has been endorsed by celebrated producer Quincy Jones. The platform wants to list non-fungible tokens at affordable prices, and it intends to have thousands of NFTs on their forthcoming platform

Musicians have been vocal about the impact that blockchain technology could have on their industry. In order to make more money, artists will need to increase their revenue by releasing content themselves. The use of NFTs for this purpose is increasing in popularity due to the increased revenue opportunities & widespread media coverage it gets. The announcement that the NFTs are on sale in Houston has generated a lot of enthusiasm among members of the crypto community. It seems reasonable to expect that many more artists will be inclined to work with them in other industries as well.

Artists are smart to try NFTs because of the potential they represent. The Houston recording show is a perfect example, with a list of other artists who have also announced NFT releases or have already released them.

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Artists are releasing Non-Fiction Tokens, often for fundraising for charitable causes. These tokens give you insight into the artist’s life and can help with personal investment decisions. Eminem, Grimes, Snoop Dogg are just a few who have released their own NFTs before

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