NFT based Game Legacy has already sold $50 million of “land”






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Legacy, a game set in the Fable universe, has received funding from NFTs and the company behind it believes that it can earn around $53m by the time its release window arrives.

Hopeful investors have a wide variety of options in regards to investing in the game, which is not yet available. They are not just that, however; they are buying up the imaginary land as soon as they can.

Developer and publisher Ubisoft sold the most expensive land battle in-game, “London”, for $900K ($670K) via the new LegacyCoin cryptocurrency, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain (thanks RPS, IGN).

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Last weekend, Molyneux announced new details about the development of Legacy. Players can now pour money into the project by purchasing “Land NFTs”.

With a “Land NFT,” digital prospectors can then create their own land on our in-game blockchain. With time, they can earn back the amount they spent and more so.

The puzzle-platform “Legacy Keys” has partnered up with blockchain-based gaming development company 22Cans. The partnership will allow both entities to develop games with lower fees & better payouts, improving their user experience and business results.

NFT based Game Legacy

Legacy partners can create a new business in the Legacy Simulation game, which will generate revenue for both of you. Monetization can be done through any sales methods that your business provides.

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At the time of its release, Legacy made a lot of people feel nostalgic. It was large compared to the original Curiosity and even Godus itself. It ran into some problems soon after its release, which caused Molyneux to re-visit some design decisions but it has now seen a lot more success

New funding, content, and technology trends have been all the rage in the industry with publishers embracing them wholeheartedly. Some developers are not too happy with this because they believe that these new trends will ultimately hurt the creativity and longevity of the industry. EA and Ubisoft have announced some of their plans for the future and today we were surprised to hear that “quartz” – an eco-friendly tech from Ubisoft – was described as “useless, costly, ecologically mortifying.” This is one of many unfortunate events that have been on the rise. It’s just one more thing to worry about in this chaotic world.

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