Melania Trump to release an NFT priced at 1 SOL each






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  • Melania Trump is known for her work with young people and will be running an initiative centered on blockchains.
  • Trump is one of many celebrities that has undertaken crypto investments this year.

“Melania Trump has become the latest celebrity to try to cash in on the craze for non-fungible tokens.” It looks like she’s been trying to sneak non-fungible tokens while shouting “mic drop!” But now that she’s done, she can finally rebuild her public image.

Melania Trump’s first product, “Melania’s Vision”, will include some beautiful watercolor paintings. The picture frames will be created to represent Mrs. Trump’s eyes. They’ll be able to “inspire” the collector with this piece of art (which they’ll hopefully keep on their desk at work). Available for one month starting on December 16th, this will be a digital currency available on the Solana blockchain, currently priced at $187.

Technology has allowed people to interact with other people and businesses in a variety of ways. This has enabled NFTs to become more mainstream as celebrities like Justin Bieber & Kpop group BTS also have an interest in entering the market of digital collectibles. Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities have been promoting the cryptocurrency project for months. The tokens separate the world of cryptocurrencies & blockchain and creative pursuits; making them a favorite amongst both retail traders and investors. 

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While NFTs like CryptoPunks, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and other high-cost items are selling for thousands or even millions of dollars and some items have wildly fluctuating prices, other tokens exist at much cheaper costs that are often highly volatile. When it comes to investing in tokens because of their pricing, investors should take caution & proceed with caution

Melania Trump to release an NFT Collection

Sales from Trump’s new line of products will benefit her Be Best initiative, according to the statement. She will help foster children acquire CS skills and software development that would prepare them for the post-fostering stage.

The NFTs provide you with a variety of options that let you make purchases more conveniently than ever before. The cryptocurrencies have been made to be on the popular Moon digital wallet and can also be purchased securely with a credit card through your smartphone. But the crypto startup says that credit card payments to purchase Melania Trump’s NFT collection aren’t possible. The office of Melania Trump didn’t respond to a request for comment  

Trump’s statement mentioned that she plans to release new tokens every quarter from January 2022.

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