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Katy Perry Launches Exclusive “The Roar Package” of Limited-Edition NFTs






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Katy Perry’s brand new NFTs will be available on December 15th, so get ready!

Two of her digital collectibles will be released in anticipation of her upcoming residency. One is called “The Roar Package: Looking Back While Moving Forward” featuring personal content from Katy about her return to work, and the second one is called “Katy Perry Unwrapped” which features never-released exclusive material.

Katy Perry is auctioning the iconic “Golden Lion” she wore for her global performance in 2015 in order to launch this new project. January 2013 will always be remembered as the most epic month in terms of Katy Perry’s incredible year, and not just because she topped the charts with “Roar.” Fans can take part in bidding for this iconic item that is not priced out of the reach as a one-of-one NFT while also getting digital collectibles. Behind the scenes look of Katy and her little boost of motivation are commemorated with digital collectibles.

Katy Perry Launches Exclusive NFTs

The metaverse can give your business a virtual presence and deliver smarts for fun, trading cards with real-world value is a great way to show off your passion for the in-game universe. A new upcoming NFT will give Katy Perry fans access to incredible experiences including premium merchandise, a past-life nostalgia store, backstage ticket access to her shows, and up-close meet & greets at her Vegas residence.

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Ms. Perry is following in the footsteps of some personal heroes and she does so by moving to Las Vegas to become a DJ at The Mix. Make sure you’re doing something similarly awesome this year! Fans of the show will get the opportunity to own a part of their favorite artist’s story in the form of “Theta NFTs”. My moments are very personal to me and I dedicated a lot of time & effort to thinking up great ideas. Each one is perfectly crafted and I think they really stand out. It’s worth it, as they provide a highlight reel of my life so far and serve as the best experience possible for the fans.

“One of the things I’ve always done is look ahead, so now it feels like we’re stepping into the future. I’m excited that people are giving the NFTs idea a chance because it’s new and there is excitement surrounding it. There will be digital and tangible collectibles in these drops, but collectors can also come away with some truly unique & incredible pieces of pop culture history.,” adds Perry.

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