Floyd Mayweather joins NFT mania, follows Micheal Jordan steps






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Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be making boxing history when he comes out of retirement this spring.

In a boxing rematch, Mayweather will be fighting his opponent on the helipad of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. This is the first time a boxing match has been held there. The boxing promoter Frontrow TMT and the MMA company Undisputed announced that boxer Mayweather will enter a ring again to try and keep his undefeated record.

Earlier last month Michael Jordan also joined NFT space with Solana. Additionally, Michael Jordan and launched a new company Hier Inc with his son Jeffrey Jordan

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It was announced that, in conjunction with the event, there will be a live AR projection of the match on the Burj Al Arab tower. Another bonus will involve an unreleased integration of blockchain NFTs into the boxing event

“In sports entertainment, there are few names that match Mayweather’s icon status. Floyd has been working with Frontrow TMT and our partner ONE Entertainment for a decade; we know what makes for a great Floyd Mayweather event. Frontrow has been responsible for major events like the Legendary Icon Tour and The Undisputed Tour both in the UK and Europe. We feel that this helipad exhibition in Dubai adds another pioneering moment for sports entertainment as a whole,” said Keane Anis, CEO of Frontrow TMT, in a written statement.

There are no scheduled opponents on the list yet, but with Mayweather’s popularity on top of his stellar record, it’s guaranteed to be a sellout.

“Dubai is one of my favorite cities, and Burj Al Arab is famous like the Statue of Liberty is for New York, and you know me, I’m gonna put on a show anywhere. Money May all day now streaming from the helipad. They can’t be me, they just imitate me,” Mayweather said about the upcoming challenge.

Mayweather has recently promoted the BXMI NFT on his Twitter account.

Floyd Mayweather joins NFT mania

“It’s all about the NFT world. BXMI is bringing the super exclusive belt, and I’m giving this one to Sonny over here. BXMI is going to be incredible.”

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What is an NFT? 

Non-fungible tokens are designed to be unique. They’ve existed since 2014 but recently have blown up with the introduction of cryptocurrencies. A tokenized digital asset with a connection to a physical-world object is known as an NFT. An NFT buyer can trade it online or even back in the real world.

For an NFT to be tradable, it has to be somehow bound to the Ethereum network. Most transactions for them are then done via Ethereum as well, although other blockchains also support trading these tokens.

What is BXMI NFT? 

BXMI is a digital trading platform that lets you trade creatives, diamonds and gold. Another nice thing about BXMI NFT marketplace is that they also claim to charge nothing in transactions fees.

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