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Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey have launched their company, Heir Inc.






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A company that plans to connect athletes and fans.

Michael Jordan and his son have found a way to increase their presence in the $2.3 trillion cryptocurrency market. They are preparing to launch a platform on the Solana blockchain which will allow athletes, fans, and others to interact with one another and support their favorite offerings.

HEIR is on a mission to create an impactful new era of digital culture. They are empowering people working on innovative projects and giving them the tools they need to share those ideas with the world.

The platform is being backed by Thrive Capital and the goal is to create a secure peer-to-peer marketplace with the HEIR platform. It includes retail trading app Robinhood, Instagram, and work messaging service Slack. There is also $10.6 million raised in seed funding for the business in total.

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HEIR is trying to usher in a new era of digital culture by incorporating athletes and influential people in the worlds of entertainment and technology on their platform.

“The HEIR platform will give new rights of consumer data ownership over to creators as well as people who develop projects early on. With these developments, the platform will be more effective and valuable for all parties involved. Today, we create many messages independently without acknowledging that we are also owners of these voices. Web3 is the next iteration of the internet and will feature immersive social interaction.”

Michael Jordan, who has been playing in the NBA for 15 years and is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, already has a stake in cryptocurrency that’s on fire. He is part of a $305M funding round for Virtual Reality Company, Dapper Labs.

Currently, HEIR is just in invite-only mode, with the site signing up athletes and supporters as it builds out the product. Once it’s ready to release, it will connect athletes & supporters through Huddles, which provides membership-based access to digital assets and exclusive content.

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Michael Jordan Future

Michael Jordan was appointed as a strategic adviser to HEIR, his son Jeffrey told Variety.

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Variety says the AI Basketball app is set to launch in 2022 with “tier one” NBA and WNBA players on board. Michael Jordan will serve as a strategic adviser and partner, but no word yet on whether he will be featured on the platform

“We meet with him regularly and he provides us with guidance and insightful ideas, when he was playing music it wasn’t quite the same. He didn’t have the same tools to connect with his fanbase or monetize that,” Jeffrey said

Other professional athletes have started to dive into the crypto market with their businesses, including Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant. His company recently signed a new multi-year deal with Coinbase Global.

With Heir, you can use pop-up ads to generate revenue; individual athletes are able to sell membership packages in their own private groups which share revenue equally with the company. So not only do you have the opportunity to make some decent money by creating product links and being a partner of Nike but also get access to exclusive deals that might be hard or impossible for non-partners to obtain.

Personal digital content from athletes includes exclusive videos, as well as what they watched on Netflix. Fans who are the most engaged on our website will win digital goods. We hope fans enjoy their experience with fan-submitted content and help them cultivate a more personalized fan experience.

Blockchain is becoming a thing and sports are no exception. It’s now easier than ever to purchase digital NFTs and famous brands like Nike & Adidas are in on the trend. With fan tokens, teams can now provide incentives to their fans while they’re staying true to their roots as well.

It seems as though the NFT craze has also hit the basketball world. If you look closely, NBA players are also doing NFT-related things like Stephen Curry who bought an art piece at $180,000.

Jordan is successfully investing in a new project, so we can all look forward to seeing how it performs in the future. With his successful business ventures in the past, there’s a good chance he will succeed this time.

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