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First-ever NFT Restaurant to open in New York City






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In 2023, New York City gets its first-ever fusion restaurant with Gary Vaynerchuk & his group backing it. According to Grub Street, it’s the 1st such restaurant in the world. You may be wondering, “What makes this kind of thing different, and what is it exactly?”

Flyfish Club will be a seafood restaurant in an unnamed “iconic New York City location” for which the chef is Josh Capon, VCR Group co-founder and its chief culinary officer. Guests will enjoy a sushi lounge, a tasting menu, and a complete sushi dinner paired with wine. Each meal served will be created by the Executive Chef every day.

You can only dine at the Park Avenue Club members-only if you are a club member. This is to ensure that no one without adequate funds may be able to join and enjoys the service it provides. Flyfish membership is offered on two tiers – FF, which is for Trout or Flyfishers who want their own fishing spots, and the more exclusive FFO, which offers the highest level of service anywhere in the country! Once purchased, property holders are able to potentially lease or re-sell it on the secondary market. The service offers to pay in the cryptocurrency Ethereum, which is currently valued at $3,287.81 per share. If you’re interested in using their services, set up an account online or contact a representative for more information about the payment process.

“What kind of compelled me to jump all in and really become a part of a restaurant group instead of a passive investor or an enthusiast was an aligned interest that we were going to try to rewrite the game,” said Vaynerchuk

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