Australian Open Serves the world-first NFT art collection in Metaverse






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The Australian Open will be the first major tennis tournament to enter the virtual world Metaverse with the first mint of AO Art Ball Non-Fungible Tokens linked to live match data. This will give fans around the world a unique opportunity

Introducing AO’s virtual reality experience. You can go explore the marquee event of 2019, the Australian Open, without having to leave your home!

  • New technology in line calling for tennis insight enables a new way of viewing a tennis match. When a ball is in play, the technology effects how much time it stays on your screen. These innovations allow fans to take part much more intimately in the match

Australian Open NFT art collection

  • The AO Art Ball is a celebration that came from artist collaborations. The number of unique pieces of generative artwork stands at 6,776.
  • Decentraland provides virtual access to new experiences.“The Australian Open prides itself on being one of the most innovative sports and entertainment events in the world, and we are delighted that through our expansion into the Metaverse and Decentraland, more fans can engage with our sport than ever before,” Chief Commercial Officer Cedric Cornelis said.

“We work closely with some of the world’s best developers to ensure we stay ahead of consumer trends and continue to expand into new sectors in ways never before seen in tennis.”

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an exciting new trend in sports & entertainment. Australian Open organisers are giving fans the option to buy NFTs that automatically update with data about this year’s Grand Slam.

  • The artballs have been created by a variety of different colours, patterns and textures, all of which have been produced from an algorithmic combination. The tournament also partnered with Decentraland, Run It Wild and Metakey
  • There will also be 22 “AO Legend” and 169 “Artist Series” balls with unique prints made by legendary and current artists.
  • Each ball represents a random 19cm x 19cm patch of court surface when it is minted.
  • Every time a winning shot is made at the 2022 Australian Open, cryptocurrency-based digital gift tokens will update instantly including match and ball tracking data.
  • AO Art Ball NFT: There are also some unique rewards to get you excited! For example, if one of the eleven championship balls lands on your plot, you’ll be given the original signed tennis ball and cert for it! Art owners will also have the opportunity to collect limited edition art-themed wearables, apparel and other benefits in the future. All parties involved say they plan to offset their climate impact with harm minimization activities.

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