Walmart Planning to join Metaverse with own Crypto and NFTs






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  • Walmart submitted trademark applications to prepare for their future in the virtual world – Metaverse
  • Retailer plans to launch cryptocurrency and NFTs as well
  • This move comes after one of the company’s stores in the United States started to offer Bitcoin ATMs back in October.

Walmart is planning its own cryptocurrency and Ethereum-based tokens. They have applied for an NFT trademark to ease the virtual shopping experience.

Walmart is planning to sell virtual goods

Walmart is filing trademarks that indicate it’s planning on creating a variety of new products, including electronics, home decorations, toys, and personal care products. This includes many items like those the firm has been selling in its brick-and-mortar stores.

Walmart states that advancements in tech can help their business and that they are continually exploring new methods of change.

Josh Gerben is a law professor interested in the legal and technological ramifications of cryptocurrency, so he’s probably been doing a lot of research on Walmart’s new ATMs.

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Walmart’s decision to accept Litecoin earlier this week led the cryptocurrency’s price to skyrocket before further news broke that the original press release was fake. Despite the false announcement.

A recent survey by Morning Consult found that Walmart clients are more likely to hold cryptocurrency – the leading cryptocurrency in the United States.

Thanks to the emergence of some tech companies, businesses have been approached with new opportunities as ‘Meta’ has opened up for everyone. On top of that, NFTs have allowed businesses to tokenize physical products and even services into digital units which can also act as a form of advertising.

Nike also filed a series of trademark applications in order to protect and develop their intellectual property rights – one of which is with Nikeland.

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