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Donald Trump 1990’s autograph to be sold as NFT






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Roger Stone, who is a long time Republican party member and operative, is selling an autographed and authenticated Donald Trump magazine cover as a Non-Fungible Token token recently. In a 54-second video, Stone says the cover in question was the “Real Estate – New York” magazine. It had been shut down before Trump was president, but he managed to acquire a copy and it became the template for all future White House communications.

Stone says that the motive for selling his autographed cover was to raise funds to cover his legal expenses, which he described as “harassment civil suits.” According to him, this is how he will be able to defend himself.

“Between the cost of defending myself in 6 remaining merit-less but sensationalized harassment civil suits and the J-6 [January 6th] Witchhunt my legal expenses are formidable.”

The magazine cover was one of the NFTs that Stone had collected. The NFT was not interchangeable and became part of a wider collection of NFTs, which make up Stone’s memorabilia.

No offers have been made for the magazine cover that we posted on as of Thursday afternoon, but any that go over $20,000 will prompt a physical copy in addition to an instant digital download (NFT).

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One of the top public figures from the US, Mr. Stone, was pardoned for lying to congress when asked about Russia’s involvement in last year’s US elections. But following the Presidential Pardon, he was hit with countless lawsuits about his involvement in the 6thJanuary Capitol Hill riots. This fund-raiser would offer much-needed assistance to use, who has been undergoing cancer treatment for his wife for years now.

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