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Meta’s Oculus VR companion become popular since Christmas






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More than 2 million people have downloaded META’s Oculus app around the world so far. One indication of the popularity of the Quest 2 is that after they made it to #1 on Apple App Store and Google Play in the U.S.,

In the week leading up to Christmas in the US, Oculus app installs skyrocketed by 517% from the week before. Sensor Tower data shows this gave it a total of 1.5 million app installs.

After the first week of the New Year, we saw install numbers drop 77% to 345,000 from December 30 through January 5. But as you can see from this graph, these new numbers are still higher than those of the same period last year by 42%. They may have just received the gift of an Oculus VR, but they are late getting around to setting it up.

The number of installations for this app is estimated at around 2 million since Christmas day. Of these installs, the U.S. currently accounts for the majority – although there are significant numbers of users in other regions around the world too,

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According to Sensor Tower, the iPhone app saw around 1.8 million installs in a span of just 5 days. So far, the Oculus app has been downloaded 2.189 million times, globally between Christmas & now. Out of these 2 million-plus installs, around 79% (1.727 million) were for U.S. consumers.

Putting that in perspective, total holiday installs in 2021, were just about the same as the company’s yearly installs in its earlier days.

The Oculus app was launched in April 2018 and since then there have been 1.2 million downloads and 2.4 million downloads in the following year (2019) to date. There were 4.4 million installations of the Oculus app in 2020 according to Apptopia’s data. The company’s success corresponded with the launch date of the Oculus Quest VR headset in September 2020, which led to an increase to 10.62 million installs for 2021.

The Sensor Tower Report found that there were about 8,008,000 installs of the app worldwide in 2021 across both the App Store and Google Play.

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It is hard to say which number is telling the truth, but, both Oculus and Steam agree that they have seen 2million or so more users in just 4 days.

We reached out to Meta for comment on third-party estimates, but the most recent company numbers are from Qualcomm, which said last month that Meta had shipped 10 million Quest 2 devices.

Meta’s Oculus VR a getway to Metaverse

The Oculus app currently works with the company’s legacy devices (Rift and Rift S), while these new downloads aren’t likely to work on discontinued products. They are, however, more compatible with the Quest 2. Meta has been selling the Quest 2 for over a year now, which means it’s not too new anymore. Its affordable price point makes it great for bringing VR mainstream. Facebook announced a big rebrand to “Meta” last year and is currently rolling out the VR “metaverse.” As a result, more people have been exploring VR for the first time, contributing to its recent install growth

Despite the popularity of app downloads, they’re not always an accurate reflection of sales or adoption. However, in Oculus’ case, it may provide some insight as to how many people have recently purchased the device. The app lets you download new VR apps and games, find new friends in VR, etc. So it’s something most Quest 2 owners will want to make use of!

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As of January 5, the Oculus app has dropped to 111th in the US App Store rankings. It’s now 10th in the Entertainment category.

The Oculus app is seeing decent engagement from its new users and the latest version may be resonating more with its audience. The latest Apptopia data states that the Oculus app has 2.41 million daily active users — similar to previous levels. This data suggests that users didn’t just install the app and then leave it, but are still active in our VR world.

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