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Apple reportedly hired the AR/VR marketing lead from Meta






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Apple is working to create the most advanced chips for their upcoming AR/VR headset and now there’s a new report that claims Andrea Schubert, Meta’s communications lead for their AR products, has been hired by them. A recent edition of ‘Power On’, says Apple is building out parts of its team that takes care of the launch and marketing for hardware. As part of their recent staff reshuffle, it appears that Apple have hired Andrea Schubert – the communications and PR head for AR at Meta. It is said that the latest rumours are suggesting that the headset would come with multiple highly sensitive 3D sensing modules to offer innovative hand tracking.

Face ID was popularized by Apple for its facial tracking capabilities. You can now use similar techniques to produce animoji with structured light sensors. The headset will be focused on gaming, media consumption, and communication. It will have two processors – one powerful chip to handle the majority of the computing power while a lower-end one is used for input from your other sensors.

The headset is reported to come with at least six-eight modules that show video simultaneously via AR. The device also features two 4K OLED microdisplays from Sony. Early prototypes suggest that the upcoming Apple headset may be like the Oculus Quest and include external cameras for AR features, as well as eye-tracking and iris recognition. It’s possible this might cost around $2000 -$3000, which is similar to the Oculus Quest.

Early pictures of the AR headset show how sleek and lightweight it is so people can wear it for long periods of time without discomfort. It is also expected to be equipped with a high-resolution screen, preventing you from losing track of what’s straight in front of you while reading small bits of text.

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