Sony unveils PlayStation VR2 name and Horizon Game at CES 2022






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Sony has shared a surprise at this year’s CES conference. They have announced more details about their expected next-gen PlayStation VR2 headset for the PlayStation 5 and have unveiled a glimpse of the next big Horizon game to be launched with it.

The new hardware, called the PlayStation VR2, is detailed in a recent blog post by Sony. And the controllers are called PSVR 2 Sense controllers, similar to Sony’s DualSense controllers. Although the game they revealed is just an exclusive game – Horizon: Call of the Mountain, set in what looks to be a game world with mountains.

VR headset promises a unique experience with vibrating feedback and haptic controllers, the headset has a 110-degree field of view, adjustable eye tracking & foveated rendering.

One of the most awaited and talked-about VR headsets is expected to be released in 2022 and we won’t know the pricing or release date just yet. That said, we do find out more information about it:

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  • OLED displays can provide resolution of 2,000×2,040 pixels per eye. Different frame rates are also possible – 90Hz and 120Hz for instance.
  • It has 110-degree field of view
  • Integrated with Eye tracking and foveated rendering
  • It has Adjustable lens separation
  • You will also get In-headset vibration
  • 3D audio for immersive experience
  • The built-in mic lets you listen to your voice recordings and the audio out jack lets you listen to music or have a conversation with somebody else.
  • Four external cameras for tracking
  • USB-C connection
  • Supports USB-C ports, BT5.1, rechargeable batteries, 6DoF tracking, trackpad touch functionality for accurate finger tracking and haptic feedback that lets you simulate a range of gestures using infrared or capacitive touches.

Ryan also revealed the first exclusive PSVR2 title, Horizon: Call of the Mountain… It’ll be out next month, following Sony’s Forbidden West, one of their tentpole releases for 2022. There’s no word on when it will release or if they’ll announce more information about the game or VR headset

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