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Now attend Australian Open in Metaverse with Decentraland






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Decentraland teamed up with the Australian Open to host this year’s tournament entirely in VR, too.

Tennis fans are in for a double treat with one of the world’s biggest tournaments – the Australian Open – going crypto. The AO is entering both the digital and virtual worlds, embracing NFTs and also incorporating blockchain-based events into their program

This year’s tournament will also be held in Decentraland — a VR platform that has quickly become a world leader. At the same time, fans will be able to buy tokens linked to live match data and enjoy match day as if they were there.

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AO starts the year 2022 with Metaverse

As cases of Omicron in Australia increase, the organizers of the Australian Open decided to make it easier for international spectators and even locals who are concerned about attending.

To make the tournament accessible to all, the matches will also take place in Decentraland. There, visitors can participate in activities like exploring restaurants and watching tennis matches.

“With this next wave of technology, global tennis fans will have the opportunity to be part of the 2022 Australian Open in a way never before available,” said Craig Tiley, the AO Tournament Director.

We will also be releasing 6,776 unique tokens called “Art Ball NFTs”, each one corresponding to a winning shot from all games of the 2022 championship.

Receiving an airdrop is one of the incentives you as a virtual owner will get as part of the Campaign. Points & virtual wearables are not the only ways we reward owners, but they’ll be one of many items you can enjoy and use to show off your ownership status. If a point is hit, the holder of the connected NFT can claim a handcrafted case containing a tennis ball from the match.

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There will be a log of all the non-fungible tokens as they’re judged with the exact same technology used to judge contests’ in-game points.

The Art Balls NFTs will go on sale on January 10, the same day as the AO Decentraland event goes live. The physical tournament starts on January 17, which is also when the event becomes available to play in-browser.

Recent Partners of Decentraland?

Earlier this week, Samsung unveiled their new metaverse experience at 837X. The feature uses Decentraland and enables customers to attend quests or live music events virtually.

Samsung’s 837X store in Decentraland is going to open for a limited time span. They’ll also be bringing the experience to more people by launching their service on other platforms this upcoming year.

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