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Logan Paul finally makes a profit from NFT






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Logan Paul, a popular YouTuber, and controversial persona reveal how much he made from the first NFT item he sold. Many people would only dream of experiencing this level of success overnight.

The bitcoin market keeps getting more profitable these days, due to the high value of cryptocurrency. This is also bringing about some new trends in digital assets that are surprisingly lucrative for the creators. Logan Paul, a public figure who became popular for his internet presence, is such a donor.

So, what does this former YouTuber-turned boxer-turned entrepreneur have to sell and how much money does he make from it?

Logan Paul sold digital art as NFT

Here’s what Logan Paul, a YouTuber, and digital artist, sold and received for his artwork: -He sold a digital art drawn on World of Women artwork for 200 ETH on the 5th of January. The recipient of 200 Ethereum crypto tokens has the corresponding cash value of $765 thousand, but Paul reveals revenue of at least $535 thousand, while it’s possible that his net income is higher.

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It’s worth noting that these artists’ profit margins with this type of work would be much higher than standard ones. On the other, Paul is no stranger to NFTs and has spent a significant amount before (estimated at over $2.6 million).

However, this does not necessarily mean that his Pokemon Trading Card Game boxes are real. Some say the cards in them are fake even though he paid up to $3 million.

But what does it mean for Logan Paul to be an NFT vendor?

Logan’s high profile will certainly be a factor in his NFT endeavor as the people who buy his NFTs may be interested as they like celebrity-related products. And because this is a quick and easy process to do, Logan could easily continue to build his experience with it and make it successful. What the outcome would be is quite uncertain though.

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