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Beatles inspired Fab Four Gear: Golden Opportunity NFT VIP passes






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Beatles inspired Fab Four Gear NFTs: Dozens of NFTs are launching every day with a diversity of value propositions to better serve community needs. There’s a handful that has been doing this for years and will continue to make it easy for you to get the items you want. The Beatles’ Fab Four Gear NFT collection is new to NFTs and not everyone understands them yet. For example, the restriction of supply for this cryptokitty restriction makes it more valuable.

The Beatles were originally a guitar and drums band. Throughout their career, they became players of many different instruments.

After centuries, a great number of their instruments were lost, stolen, or destroyed and the few that remain will never again reunite in one place. The Fab Four Gear collector has spent decades collecting rare instruments to display in a brick-and-mortal museum in the future. They plan to do that by focusing only on the one band and will include period-correct instruments that they believe all members used. For now, Fab Four Gear is collecting physical items using photogrammetry and putting them on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Beatles inspired Fab Four Gear NFTs

This first release of the Genesis VIP Pass consists of 4444 NFTs. The first 10% are exclusive benefits that are only available to “Diamond Hand” holders. Here is a list of benefits:

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  • The prospective buyers will be added to the alpha Discord channel.
  • A pre-sale price will be circulating on the app 44 minutes prior to the next drop.
  • Exclusive access for Gallery Opening and Events
  • Every year they will hold a grand raffle access
  • This backstage pass has many more benefits added to it.
  • These NFTs are the first of their kind and even though all of the NFTs have value, the Genesis VIP Pass- “Diamond Hands” NFTs are a collectible. The Diamond Hands team will maintain as prime and priority buyers for as long as this project takes. 

Fab Four Gear is undertaking a lot of exciting collaborations, exhibitions, and events so please check out their full roadmap. They are also building an ArtVerse which will be an online museum that invites artists at all levels to create original works. As an analyst, I see the more practical aspects of this project. But for a music lover, there is huge value in collectibles and beyond.

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