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Baron Davis is ready with for the first-ever NFT






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Former NBA star, activist, and investor Baron Davis is getting in on the holiday spirit by collaborating with to release the first “Black Santa: Giving Has No Season” NFT collection. He’s also proud to support the newest generation of blockchain technologies.

The Black Santa Company was created by Baron Davis to celebrate diversity and storytelling in the form of high-quality content with an emphasis on unity. Black Santa & Mrs. Claus have been known for years for their unique personalities and unique appearance. To this day, their company is driven by the imagination of its employees and positive attitudes towards everyone & everything.

Baron Davis is on a mission

“My vision for Black Santa was to give children a magical world of untold possibilities filled with enchantment, adventure, and positive characters of color while imparting the importance of giving year-round,” said Baron Davis in a press release provided.

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“NFTs have revolutionized the way Black Santa collectibles are handled. With, every item is as unique as the last and has some type of value to it. They offer not just a new method for collecting items but also bring a sense of integrity and soul to the character.”

Baron Davis said he was inspired and motivated by the positive reactions he received after dressing up as Santa on Halloween. It always seemed wrong to dress up as Santa until a costume led him to inspire more people. It also gave him new reference points that he could use in content creation and creative work. Two-time former All-star NBA player turned his passion for the game into a successful business.

African American content is lacking, and there are a lot of people who want to see something different. The Black Santa Manifesto was created as a way of giving voice to the underrepresented community and conveying their message. The content millennials & older generations can find to connect with each other is limited. That’s why we need to take more time to focus on making things that truly connect those two demographics.

The sale was exciting. It included NFTs that were Christmas-themed along with both limited edition and rare collectibles. There were also Black Santa versions of basketball jerseys and snow globes available for the special holiday collector in all of us!

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A portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that better the lives of minority communities (, the Black Economic Alliance (, and Money Matters For Youth ( Another great benefit that donors will receive for their loyal dedication is the opportunity to read Martin Luther King day stories from underrepresented groups. These stories provide insight into how those individuals have been impacted by charitable work in their communities.

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