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Apple crosses $3 trillion dollar market cap






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The market cap of Apple crosses $3 trillion on Monday. It surpassed the $2 trillion mark for the first time more than one year ago, and was valued at $1 trillion three years ago.

As Apple continues to change the technology world, its success is mainly due to the iPhone which brought about a mobile revolution. They also saw strong momentum in their other businesses including Macs and services.

Apple crosses $3 trillion

Apple hit a market cap of $3 trillion shortly after 1:45pm ET and it slipped back below that in a few minutes. Apple must remain above $3 trillion at 4PM ET to officially become the first publicly-traded company with a valuation at that level. They were below the mark today.

As of now, Apple might be the only company in the $3 trillion clubs. However, Amazon, Google parent company Alphabet, Microsoft, and Tesla are all worth more than $1 trillion. (Earlier this year in June, Facebook parent company an American software and social media company Meta breached the $1 trillion milestones. It has since fallen below) Apple has been a close competitor to other big companies for the world’s most valuable public company. In July 2020 it surpassed Saudi Aramco, but Microsoft took the lead from October through December 2020.

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