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Statera (STA) is an Ethereum-powered deflationary token pegged to a series of index funds. As Statera’s ecosystem grows, the basket of digital assets placed with Statera can evolve with it, ensuring Statera remains competitive. The basket of tokens making up Statera’s liquidity reside on the Balancer and Uniswap protocols (or any similar protocol).

There, the portfolios automatically re-balance at a constant rate to be equally weighted (similar to an “index fund”), and are used to provide liquidity for the protocol exchanges. In order to be safely introduced to protocols and exchanges that have not been specifically designed to account for deflation, a second token, Wrapped Statera (wSTA) – which can only be minted or unminted through wrapping/unwrapping STA – has been introduced. Due to the ability for STA to be converted to wSTA and vice-versa, the prices of the two assets are pegged through inherent arbitrage opportunities.

Once in an index pool, the collective value of the other assets and the balancing effect create positive price pressure (Alpha) for Statera. Statera’s alpha benefits from its small market cap size, deflationary nature, connected ecosystem, and being pegged to many other digital assets.

Statera’s use as a deflationary, financefocused token means that inserting it into any financial ecosystem tool (above and beyond index funds) can instantly provide that space with sound monetary policy.

Statera holders also have the option of providing liquidity to pools containing wSTA, allowing for risk diversification. By joining the pools, users can hold a diverse range of high-performing cryptocurrencies with reduced volatility, increased fees (derived from a holder’s total percentage stake of the pool, and automatically reinstated into the liquidity pool), increased value (available to Balancer pool liquidity providers in the form of Balancer’s native cryptocurrency BAL), and automatic rebalancing.

Protocols like Balancer Pool and Uniswap revolutionize index/mutual funds, instead of paying a fee to have a fund rebalanced, it is now the holders who are paid a fee every time the automatic rebalancing occurs. Statera’s attributes increase these rebalances, increasing the rate of return.

This also benefits the wider ecosystem because it reduces spreads, increases volume, increases trades and arbitrage opportunities, and helps efficiently rebalance the entire ecosystem. Including the deflationary nature of Statera through the wSTA token in any crypto index fund synergizes and increases the profitability of that crypto index fund.

White Paper Link: STATERA STA White Paper

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