Safe Haven SHA White Paper

Safe Haven SHA White Paper
Safe Haven SHA White Paper

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There is a lot to learn about this futuristic tech, lets get started to dive into the Safe Haven SHA white paper and start to leverage it to build a more secure and trusted ecosystem for Industry 4.0 applications.

The aim of this blog post is to help you quickly understand about the philosophy behind the Safe Haven SHA.

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What is white paper?

A white paper is an informational, influential, well-structured document, usually published by an organization, to provide in-depth information about a specific solution.

A white paper is used to provide a good insight into the challenges for a specific problem and a proposed solution for the same.

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Safe Haven SHA White Paper

Safe Haven SHA white paper will be going to provide you, all the information that is needed to get started with Safe Haven SHA, including the inspiration for creating, the problem it is trying to solve and the solution proposed by Safe Haven SHA.


Few people know, but crypto currencies emerged as a side product of another invention. Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown inventor of Bitcoin (the first and most important crypto-currency) never intended to invent a currency to begin with. In his announcement of Bitcoin in late 2008, Satoshi said he developed “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. “ His goal was to invent something that many people failed to create before.

The single and most important part of Satoshi‘s invention was a decentralized digital cash system. In the nineties, there were many similar attempts to create digital currency, but they all failed. After seeing all the centralized attempts fail, Satoshi tried to build a digital cash system without a central entity. Like a ‘Peer-to-Peer Network’ for file sharing. This decision became the birth of crypto-currency.

It was the missing piece Satoshi found to implement legitimate digital cash. The idea is complex and can be difficult to understand, but if you understand it, you will know more about crypto-currencies than most people. So, let‘s try to make it as easy as possible: To sum it up, digital cash is a payment network with accounts, balances, and transactions. That part is easy to understand.

One major problem every payment network must solve is to prevent “double-spending” (when one entity spends the same amount twice, with only one of those transactions reflecting a change in the account balance). This is usually done by a central server who keeps record about the balances. In a decentralized network, you don‘t have this server.

So, you need every single entity of the network to do its job. Every peer in the network needs to have a list with all transactions to check if future transactions are valid or if there is an attempt to double spend. But how can these entities keep a consensus about these records? If the users of the network disagree about only one single, minor balance, everything is broken.

They need an absolute consensus. Usually, you have a central authority to declare the correct state of balances. But how can you achieve consensus without a central authority? Nobody knew until Satoshi emerged out of nowhere. In fact, nobody believed it was even feasible. Satoshi proved it was possible. His major innovation was achieving consensus without a central authority.

Crypto-currencies are a part of this solution – the part that made the solution thrilling, fascinating and helped it change business as we know it. Since you are reading our white paper, you have invested or are about to invest in this challenging market.

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