Props Token PROPS White Paper

Props Token PROPS White Paper
Props Token PROPS White Paper

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What is white paper?

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Props Token PROPS White Paper

Props Token PROPS white paper will be going to provide you, all the information that is needed to get started with Props Token PROPS, including the inspiration for creating, the problem it is trying to solve and the solution proposed by Props Token PROPS.


The internet has given rise to a proliferation of networked businesses whose success depends in large part on the efforts of their users. Social networks, peer to peer marketplaces and content platforms would be worthless without communities of users adding value through participation, interactions and contributions. Despite this rapid innovation, not much has changed in the relationship between app operators and users.

Apps benefit from increased involvement by users and use a variety of methods to increase user participation, but they have failed to provide long-tail users with any tangible, long term, benefit for their efforts. This imbalance presents an opportunity to create even more powerful network effects through an alignment of interests between a platform and its users, which would benefit both parties alike.

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Traditional forms of loyalty and status have been successful in motivating customers and users to perform more of the actions that are valuable to a business (e.g. referrals, repeat usage and increased spending.) However, users benefitting from traditional loyalty points have little vested interest in the success of the business.

These users don’t gain additional value if they were, for example, an important early adopter of a platform that grew and succeeded. This results in a mostly transactional relationship between apps and users, rather than one in which the users are financially and emotionally aligned, with incentives to help bootstrap and make a business successful.

One way to create this alignment is through scarcity. Loyalty points traditionally have a stable value and an unlimited supply: as more users join an app, more points are created, and early users continuously hold a smaller and smaller percentage of the overall points.

However, if the loyalty points were scarce, then an app would be forced to give out less points over time, giving early contributors increased value and power. This creates a direct incentive for the user to help an app succeed, supercharging their engagement and loyalty.

Props is an implementation of scarce loyalty points, designed to run on the Ethereum blockchain. Props consists of a token, used to quantify loyalty value, and a decentralized protocol, which incentivizes apps to adopt Props as a universal and trusted form of loyalty.


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