Metaverse Dualchain Network Architecture DNA White Paper

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Metaverse Dualchain Network Architecture DNA White Paper

Metaverse Dualchain Network Architecture DNA white paper will be going to provide you, all the information that is needed to get started with Metaverse Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA), including the inspiration for creating, the problem it is trying to solve and the solution proposed by Metaverse Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA).


The Dualchain Network Architecture, or DNA, is a chain that runs in parallel to the unique Metaverse ETP chain to facilitate higher transaction speeds and enable the use of Lightning channels. Inspired with the aid of the layered design of the internet, the DNA Dualchain focuses now not on fixing the blockchain trilemma in a single monolithic protocol, however rather by means of introducing two separate layers for performance and interoperability.

Named the Performance Layer (DNA-PL) and the Interoperability Layer (DNA-IL), this layered approach approves problems of interoperability or scalability to be approached and solved separately, rather than in a single chain.

So, why is this approach needed? Essentially, whilst different projects have tried to remedy interoperability and scalability on one chain and then encountered performance issues when both solutions are needed, DNA approaches these problems in parallel. This approves the DNA blockchain to scale barring affecting interoperability and likewise approves interoperability besides compromising on scalability.

The Metaverse mainnet, a hybrid PoW and PoS protocol, serves as DNA’s base chain. In different words, DNA is built on top of the Metaverse blockchain. It’s essential to notice then again that the DNA protocol is designed as a standard, which will allow it to be used and utilized across a vary of different public or non-public blockchains.

Like Lightning networks in other chains, DNA lets in for a excessive TPS without delays on the foremost Metaverse blockchain. But in contrast to Lightning networks, DNA approves contributors to transact without pre-establishing a dedicated price channel. Instead, DNA elements prebuilt channels between 23 Super Nodes and 529 Regular Nodes. If contributors have an open channel to any one of those nodes, their transactions will be lightning fast.

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