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Mantra DAO’s fully integrated ecosystem of decentralized financial services allows users to leverage their digital assets to earn compound interest while providing liquidity for the ecosystem.

MANTRA DAO is a fully integrated ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on interoperable technologies and controlled by its users collectively. Its governance mechanism is predicated upon a digital token called OM that allows its holders to participate in decisions affecting the parameters of the system.

OM token is distributed as a reward for contributions made to the platform and provides access to a variety of economic incentives. In addition to OM token, MANTRA DAO supports the Karma Protocol, a reputation mechanism that assesses participants’ behavior within the system and keeps track of OM holders’ performance metrics.

Distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrencies enable faster, more inclusive and transparent financial services than traditional legacy systems. However, current blockchain solutions lack interoperability and are laden with governance issues, preventing DeFi from reaching mass adoption.

The evolution of Blockchain systems design since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009 has been driven by this critical need for adaptability and connectivity. Over the past few years, various initiatives have aimed at addressing the limitations of traditional blockchains by adopting flexible design and providing interoperability between networks.

Polkadot is a sharded protocol that enables multiple blockchain networks to operate together seamlessly, increasing the resulting network’s throughput by parallelizing transactions and transfers of data. It surmounts the limitations of general-purpose blockchains in terms of scalability by providing a composability framework for those blockchains to communicate.

From this perspective, Polkadot can be thought of as a superstructure for digital infrastructures (referred to as parachains) to be built atop. MANTRA DAO is a decentralized application built on Rio Chain, a Substrate-based blockchain infrastructure that is interoperable with the Polkadot network.

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