Klaytn KLAY White Paper

Klaytn KLAY White Paper
Klaytn KLAY White Paper

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Klaytn KLAY White Paper

Klaytn KLAY white paper will be going to provide you, all the information that is needed to get started with Klaytn KLAY, including the inspiration for creating, the problem it is trying to solve and the solution proposed by Klaytn KLAY.

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From its onset in early 2018, Klaytn has identified blockchain mass adoption as its foremost goal. Ever since, the project has built a public blockchain network and a business-friendly development platform around it to help entrepreneurs and enterprises in various sectors build highly usable blockchain applications for a wide range of end-users regardless of their level of crypto-literacy.

Klaytn believes that the full innovative potential of blockchain will be unlocked through the new breed of applications – services and products – that the technology unlocks, and that those new applications will deliver unprecedented utility and benefits to its users. In Klaytn’s view, this is how blockchain mass adoption will run its course – organic, user-centric, and natural as the next due step in the course of evolution.

To realize its vision, Klaytn will provide a comprehensive suite of blockchain application development environment, starting with a public blockchain network, development platform, and developer supporting tools. Klaytn development platform aims to imbue businesses with the capability to create applications that integrate key qualities conferred by the underlying Klaytn public network, including transparency, security, and censorship-resistance.

At the same time, the said platform supports enterprise-ready level scalability and performance in order to enable reliable business operations by massive international enterprises. To further strengthen its value proposition for businesses, Klaytn is built on carefully designed token economy, governance systems, and incentive programs to facilitate collaboration among diverse groups of contributors on its platform.

Klaytn ecosystem participants include not only direct business partners, infrastructure co-operators, and governance participants, but also organic stakeholders such as developer communities, user circles, and other interest groups.

Contributions from various groups are mediated and directed towards growing the ecosystem; Klaytn’s governance will support key growth activities such as maintaining its public network, advancing software development, growing a mesh of connected child networks, aligning interests among participants, and ensuring active participation in the governance decision making procedures.

Paving the path towards a widespread adoption of blockchain technology by businesses and the wider body of end-users is an arduous task, riddled with challenges on many fronts. Nevertheless, Klaytn believes its vision of incubating the next breed of blockchain-powered services and products is the path to accelerate the arrival of the next phase of digital business evolution.

To that end, Klaytn will continue to address numerous challenges that businesses face in their blockchain adoptio efforts, and remove friction end-users come across in their customer journey on blockchain-powered products.

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