Global Digital Content GDC White Paper

Global Digital Content GDC White Paper
Global Digital Content GDC White Paper

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Global Digital Content GDC White Paper

Global Digital Content GDC white paper will be going to provide you, all the information that is needed to get started with Global Digital Content GDC, including the inspiration for creating, the problem it is trying to solve and the solution proposed by Global Digital Content GDC white paper.

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Over the course of 2019, the perception of blockchain and cryptocurrency underwent gradual transformation. In the speculative market characterized by high price volatility, which lasted from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, companies, institutions, experts and general investors conducted cautious research to adopt new policies, industries and businesses.

Recently, global companies like Facebook, JP Morgan, WalMart, Amazon, and Microsoft have also started adopting and commercializing blockchain technology. However, some of the initial problems remain unsolved including those resulting from general public speculating in response to the price volatility or the lack of actual uses for cryptocurrency other than those initially intended at the inception of the blockchain / cryptocurrency project.

Therefore, in order to solve this problem, we intend to develop, discover and secure new applications for cryptocurrency, promoting its use in various categories and services, and issue a stable coin through our own token collateral to address the volatility issue. In addition, by introducing the sidechain plasma of the existing Ethereum mainchain for the blockchain-based platform, we will strive to solve the scalability and fee issues of the existing blockchain technology.

Expanding beyond the scope of the existing DAPP token dedicated exclusively to gaming, we intend to discover various new applications for the Global Digital Content token, namely in the domain of digital content, thus increasing token utility and universality.

We have obtained new use cases by securing the Rankingball game, ArenaCast streaming service, the digital commerce KEEN Wallet of our partner KEENTO INC, as well as DTRIUMPH INC‘s global celeb token community Celebeco and Dual Token Generator service.

We are also building a platform that can issue a stable coin GST through GDC collateral. In the future, we intend to further strengthen our business foundations through direct development and affiliation, while dramatically increasing the coverage and usability of tokens. You have the unique opportunity to witness GDC’s business development, growth and expansion in the constantly growing global digital content market.


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