Anchor Neural World ANW White Paper

Anchor Neural World ANW White Paper
Anchor Neural World (ANW) White Paper

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Anchor Neural World ANW White Paper

Anchor Neural World ANW white paper will be going to provide you, all the information that is needed to get started with Anchor Neural World (ANW), including the inspiration for creating, the problem it is trying to solve and the solution proposed by Anchor Neural World (ANW).

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In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology will transform existing economic systems and social structures through big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent robots, and blockchain. Anchor Neural World Foundation, headquartered in Hong Kong, aims to develop a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine with development teams in Korea and Hong Kong.

Differentiated from existing AI systems via a unique data-driven approach, Anchor Neural World Foundation is developing the “ANW (Artificial Neural World)” engine—an advanced information retrieval inference engine. By developing an unparalleled information-based Artificial Intelligence solution, enabling it with a blockchain data layer and issuing its “ANW” token to support decentralized governance and utility within ANW’s global network, the ANW Foundation seeks to build a truly vibrant ecosystem.

To date, most AI developments have focused on collecting data and providing services based on simple machine learning methods. However, this type of approach bases itself on blindly relying on big data and machine learning algorithms which is more similar to obtaining results derived from statistical and mathematical modeling rather than an actual functioning Artificial Intelligence.

Before obtaining conclusions, current models calculate outcomes using statistics, equations and algorithms, and provide results via linear regression. The ANW engine is the system’s core engine that is comprised of a proprietary inference engine and advanced neural network algorithm. The completed ANW engine will implement state-of-the-art information retrieval and inference technology that resolves the issues of keyword breakdown and low relevance, which are the primary limitations of data augmentation.

Proper data augmentation is required to give deep learning and neural networks the kind of data set they need to realize their full potential. With these data inference advancements and other ANW neural network improvements the limitations of statistical regression modeling will undoubtedly be overcome. The ANW engine will enable AI-based learning management via natural language processing.

It will make it possible to provide asset management services that entirely overcome psychological bias created due to information asymmetry and behavioral finance. The ANW Foundation is aspiring to use its ANW engine to expand into future high-tech industries to generate significant social benefits. To reach this end, we are utilizing decentralized blockchain technology to secure relevant input and output data in a distributed ledger.

Also, by providing an “application program interface (API)” for the ANW engine to third-party companies which can be utilized by ANW token holders, expansion across industries and viable applications for the ANW engine will be possible; exposing the ANW engine as data inference and AI as a Service (AIaaS) in a robust and open global ecosystem.

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