ALIAS White Paper

ALIAS White Paper
Alias (ALIAS) White Paper

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There is a lot to learn about this futuristic tech, lets get started to dive into the Alias white paper and start to leverage it to build a more secure and trusted ecosystem for Industry 4.0 applications.

The aim of this blog post is to help you quickly understand about the philosophy behind the Alias (ALIAS).

I can ensue you that, you will be able to understand every bits and pieces related to Alias (ALIAS) after going through the Alias white paper.

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What is white paper?

A white paper is an informational, influential, well-structured document, usually published by an organization, to provide in-depth information about a specific solution.

A white paper is used to provide a good insight into the challenges for a specific problem and a proposed solution for the same.

Alias White Paper

Alias white paper will be going to provide you, all the information that is needed to get started with Alias (ALIAS), including the inspiration for creating, the problem it is trying to solve and the solution proposed by Alias (ALIAS).

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Cryptocurrencies (digital assets designed to work as mediums of exchange) permit users to securely send money without trusting any other human intermediary or any other centralised third-party system or institution, such as a bank, to verify those transactions1 . Instead the strong cryptography and mathematics inherent in the software algorithms secure the peer-topeer network and safeguard against forgeries and ensure transaction finality.

The network of participating nodes together creates the blockchain where all transactions and balances are recorded and ensures network immutability. This is a truly transforming technology and has the potential to benefit people across the globe. However, the blockchains in classic cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) are transparent public ledgers that are accessible to anyone and the full transaction history is preserved and the blockchain is readily available for analysis2 .

This presents a very serious issue for users online and financial privacy. Even though the pseudonymous users of classic blockchains are not directly associated with their real-world identities, every transaction among these pseudonyms is potentially traceable and every transaction is recorded for all posterity and for anyone to access and view.

In this document, we present Alias; a cryptocurrency that uses a range of advanced cryptographic techniques, such as dual-key stealth addresses and ring-signatures to achieve unlinkable, un-traceable and private transactions on its blockchain. Alias also comprises a novel privacy-preserving consensus mechanism, ‘Anonymous-Proof-of-Stake’ that let its users retain full privacy as they support the network by running the software and staking their coins.

Alias also protects the user’s online identity by integrating Tor (The Onion Router) 3 in the software and is therefore a comprehensive privacy focused cryptocurrency. Alias also retains the ability to conduct ‘open’ public transactions (much like Bitcoin) and this may serve certain use cases and blockchain audit-ability. Alias provides the best of both worlds, total privacy and public transactions, without any compromise. In this paper we present the current technology and functionality of Alias to the common reader with some experience and knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We also discuss how we achieve confidential and privacy maintaining consensus. Further references to explain and expand on certain topics are included within the text as footnotes.

White Paper Link: Alias White Paper

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