AICON AICO White Paper

AICON AICO Whitepaper
AICON AICO Whitepaper

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What is white paper?

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AICON AICO White Paper

AICON AICO white paper will be going to provide you, all the information that is needed to get started with AICON AICO, including the inspiration for creating, the problem it is trying to solve and the solution proposed by AICON AICO white paper.


The characteristic of the 3rd industrial revolution was the exchange of information, and the Internet was used as its core technology. The characteristic of the 4th Industrial Revolution is that beyond this, numerous data are generated and meaningful information is produced. The subject of data production extends from humans to objects and the data is produced as meaningful information.

Data economy is at the core of the 4th industrial revolution. This term means that data generates economic value, and it can be said that a lot of data and technology that converts it into meaningful information have led to the data economy. Big data plays an important role in the 4th industrial revolution in this regard. Big data can be defined as 3V, which are Volume, Velocity and Variety. This technology analyzes a lot of data at high speed and provides it as meaningful information. The scope of the analysis is wide and even includes unstructured data.

After all, big data is leading the data economy by quickly analyzing a large amount of diverse data and providing meaningful information. In addition to 3V, Validity and Veracity are also mentioned as the characteristics of big data. The Validity factor considers whether the data is used accurately without prejudice, and the Veracity factor considers whether the data used is reliable. They can be regarded as new characteristics because they do not overlap with existing characteristics. Therefore, strictly speaking it can be said that the characteristics of big data are extended from 3V to 5V.

However, there is a problem. We cannot impose Veracity and Validity on AI and IoT. We need a technology that can embody it within big data, and blockchain is suggested as the answer. As a decentralized platform, blockchain is a technology in which everyone participating in the system shares agreed data. P2P networks and consensus algorithms are applied to blockchain, and these two technologies are extended to the validity and veracity of big data. Therefore, the combination of blockchain and AI can provide validity and veracity of data. Blockchain shows the source of the data underlying AI analysis. It also certifies that the data is trusted due to consensus.

In addition, it is possible to implement decentralized AI. Blockchain has a principle that participants have all shared data. This allows AI to be used individually. In the existing centralized system, all data is concentrated in one place, and the data is also analyzed in one place. However, in blockchain, participants can decide the scope of analysis. This is because the analysis results are shared and participants can receive them.

The convergence of these two promising technologies is causing a paradigm shift in a wider direction. AICON project is a platform that provides computing resources of distributed cloud hardware & software (mining pool) and idle resources of PCs or smartphones to individuals and companies that need AI analysis based on AI Blockchain.

This is based on a distributed system that borrows idle resources such as CPU, GPU, MEMORY, STORAGE, etc. of nodes from the network through a Horovod-based supercomputer and pays AlCON tokens as reward. Its first purpose is to provide individuals and businesses with a distributed cloud environment combined with blockchain, and to enhance security and reduce data processing costs by storing, managing, and processing data in a decentralized environment.

Its second purpose is to make all individuals, companies, and developers around the world to perform Deep Learning & Machine Learning through AI framework provided by AICON project by providing reliable AI analysis of big data through the convergence of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

As many users can more easily access artificial intelligence (AI) using existing proven open sources and use it for work or business, individuals can enhance their work capabilities, companies can increase productivity, and many platform developers can develop their own platform according to their concept using AICON solution. We are rushing to commercialize it by rapidly applying the convergence of blockchain and AI open source to the AICON project, and we are ready to grow into a global AI blockchain company.


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