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Xiaomi Smart Glasses – Xiaomi Unveils Revolution






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This article discusses how intelligence-capable wearable devices can enhance our lifestyles and improve our performance with Xiaomi Smart Glasses.

Beijing, China, September 14th, 2021 – Recently, Xiaomi Smart Glasses have been making headlines all over the world. These glasses can localize distance and measure acceleration, providing users with a top-quality experience – 📷Picking up last week’s #wearablelove submission is this brand-spankin’s new smart wearable device. Xiaomi Smart Glasses is capable of combining imaging systems and sensors into a subtle, ordinary glasses design through MicroLED optical waveguide technology. They may seem a little bulky but it’s worth reminding yourself that these glasses weigh surprisingly light thanks to their lightweight frame. It can display messages and notifications, make calls, navigate, capture photos, and can even translate text right before your eyes.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses are an engineer’s look into an advanced future.

MicroLEDs use less power than other types of light and they cast a wider and brighter light than LEDs. They might be used in the near future to create HDTVs with outstanding performance – You’ll be able to see what’s coming in the future.

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Xiaomi Smart Glasses
Xiaomi Smart Glasses

In order to mimic the shape of normal glasses, challenges in how to capture images & use the internal components effectively need to be addressed. The Xiaomi Smart Glasses take the fuss and hassle out of carrying a laptop or tablet with you by providing you with all the entertainment and information you need. The content quality they provide is also similar to that of professional copywriters.

In order to fit the imaging unit into the frame as seamlessly as possible, MicroLED technology is undeniably one of the best choices. Like OLED TVs, MicroLED displays use individual backlighting for each pixel – Many display technologies use your phone’s screen, which is why the display of a device that doesn’t emit light (such as an e-reader) has a more limited contrast. In comparison to traditional displays, MicroLED screens offer a higher resolution and life span AND a simpler structure. Less space is needed to display content with the DJI GO 4 app, easier touchscreen navigation, and more

Ever wondered what in the world is in Xiaomi’s Smart Glasses? Well it turns out that in the display chip is so small, in fact it is under a microscope that you can see its size—its ability to adjust to the frame of glasses. To allow an adequate amount of light to pass through the frames before reaching the eyes, we needed a sophisticated optical system that could be used for reading in direct sunlight. In the end, we opted for a monochrome display with an ultra-efficient backlight that can produce a brightness of 2 million nits.

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MicroLED has enabled monitors to magnify the full detail of the microscopic structures present on this wave-guide lens. This is much more easily visible to our eye, so we can enjoy a higher quality display.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

The surface of the lens has a series of small, jagged contours etched into it that result in a unique type of refraction. This helps light to be directed safely into the eye. The process of refraction is the process of bouncing light beams at different angles more than once, allowing the human eye to see a complete image & hence greatly increasing usability while wearing. This is done without fiddling with uncomfortable accessories like mirrors, lens systems, or half mirrors. Optical Waveguide technology has been cutting down on a lot of the weight and size of eyeglasses due to improved engineering. This means that you’ll be able to carry them in your pocket which will make them much more convenient to wear.


Xiaomi Smart Glasses is jam-packed with 497 components, it’s not just a second screen for your phone but adds an entirely new dimension to how you can use technology. It’s designed to function as an independent terminal with its own capabilities. It can do all sorts of things, like telling you when someone calls, taking photos for you without needing to physically take the photo yourself, providing live translated text in real time and even navigating for you while you’re driving. Another aspect of the design that had been considered from the start is how to minimize and prevent interrupting the user at inappropriate times and provide users with timely and important information.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

We need to build an interface that makes it easier for users to interact with the app “does not disturb ordinary use, but displays key information in a timely manner”. In a number of deep discussions, we came up with the following possible scenarios. “key notification”, “phone call”, “navigation”, and “photo translation” The use of XiaoAi AI Assistant for interactions has been working well. More and more people are turning to this for their everyday needs. In this way, Xiaomi Smart Glasses can “display the most important information at the moment it is needed”. It allows you to focus on other aspects without being distracted by notifications from your phone and stay in flow in moments where concentration and attention are crucial.

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Consider that notifications are not for everyone to see, but rather users should be given the option to disable or even hide specific types of notifications. Smart Glasses, by their design, allow you to filter out less important information and only be interrupted with the most important things. Knowing what’s going on around you without taking your phone out is a great advantage in any situation

“Phone call” with the advent of smart glasses, you may be able to really see when someone calls. The built-in dual beamforming microphone and speaker ensures that both parties can hear each other clearly.

“Navigation” is very useful when driving or cycling. Keeping your eyes on the road and not risking dangerous distractions can be made easier with XIAOMI smart glasses. They show incoming information—including road and map information—directly in front of you to make travel safer and less stressful.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses smart navigation

The camera on the glasses is also very good! It can take photos and translate text in photographs – for instance, when you’re traveling. The built-in microphone & proprietary translating algorithm in Xiaomi Smart Glasses can transcribe audio into text just like instant voice translation. The indicator light next to the camera will flash when the camera is in-use to indicate you’re taking photos

All these functionalities are needed for this to work. The glasses need a quad-core processor, battery, touch pad, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules, Android operating system and more. Xiaomi Smart Glasses are lightweight, weighing just 51g. With these features, Xiaomi has managed to design the device with the shape of traditional glasses, but with improved functionality.

It was said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

About Xiaomi Corporation

Xiaomi was founded in April 2010 and listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, 2018. They are a consumer electronics & smart manufacturing company with smartphones & other smart cu

By living our mission of “Make friends with users & be the coolest company in users’ hearts”, Xiaomi works hard to deliver quality products, create incredible user experience and find operational efficiencies. The company continues to make amazing products at honest prices. That way, everyone enjoys better lives through innovative technology.

Xiaomi is one of the world’s leading phone companies and is also ranked 2nd when it comes to market share for global smartphone shipments. Xiaomi has a strong AI & IoT ecosystem. So far, it has gathered more than 400 Million users on its IoT system and that number will continue to grow. Xiaomi’s products are available worldwide and you don’t even have to be a tech expert to use them. The company has been ranking in the Fortune Global 500 for three years in a row and is now ranked the 338th business – up 84 positions from last year.

Official Communication from Xiaomi

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