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Xiaomi CyberDog: An Open Source Robot Dog with Nvidia Brains, Intel Eyes






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Xiaomi launched it’s Mix 4 and Mi Pad 5 with an open-source robot dog (Xiaomi CyberDog) that is highly reminiscent of Spot from Boston Dynamics. It’s Xiaomi’s most advanced robot, with up to 6 built-in microphones, a 360-degree camera, and 13 touch sensors to let it interact more smoothly with humans and surroundings.

Xiaomi’s new robot “CyberDog” is a bio-inspired quadruped that the company considers to have open-source potential.

According to Xiaomi, “Robotics enthusiasts interested in CyberDog can compete or co-create with other like-minded Xiaomi Fans, together with propelling the development and potential of quadruped robots.”

Xiaomi advertises integration with CyberDog as a custom programmable voice command or language processing implementation. Primary AI interactive cameras for reading the environment and ultra-wide fisheye cameras with a binocular vision for general vision – which enables object tracking and route mapping, power this robot’s vision. The vision has a number of human-like features including face recognition & voice recognition. This means that you can give it a personal nickname and teach it to react to your face gestures too. However, it doesn’t have a particularly appealing design, so whether or not it does so for you is another question entirely.

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Xiaomi Cyberdog
Xiaomi Cyberdog

Xiaomi CyberDog that can analyze your surroundings and react accordingly

The Xiaomi Cyberdog is equipped with Nvidia Jetson Xavier which can move at speeds of nearly 12 km/h and weighs around 3 kg. It has six self-developed 64-bit cores, two of which are faster than the other four. The phone comes with 384 graphics cores (including 48 tensor cores and two special deep learning accelerators) and 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and has 16 GB of eMMC storage.

A new security camera from Xiaomi has recently been announced. The Xiaomi CyberDog features a navigation and obstacle detection system that is accurate to the centimeter. The Intel RealSense D450 depth module together with the interactive AI cameras and ultra-wide-angle “fisheye” camera work seamlessly to make this possible.

CyberDogs come with high-performance motors made by Xiaomi to make them as versatile as possible. According to the company, CyberDog’s maximum torque is 32 Newton Metres while the rotational speed reaches 220 revolutions per minute. This enables it to be both fast and agile, as well as having a wide range of movements.

Xiaomi Cyberdog

We’ve already seen that Xiaomi CyberDog has a navigation system. This allows you to analyze your surroundings and react accordingly. Besides having many sensors, its movement is also guided by instant feedback to mimic a real dog. In addition to cameras, it has touch & ultrasonic sensors and includes GPS modules.

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It has built-in facial recognition to interact with the user, moving and intelligently obeying commands. This can be controlled by a remote or apps on their own devices. Additionally, it supports voice commands.

It also has USB-C and HDMI ports and a 128 GB SSD so that devs can experiment with new software & hardware. The company also promised to build a robotics lab, giving engineers interested in AI the opportunity to do so.

Xiaomi assures that they constructed the CyberDog with an open-source mindset, and are allowing it to be adopted by the open community. The Xiaomi CyberDog was constructed by using open-source algorithms.

Chinese phone company Xiaomi has launched 1000 units of its CyberDog robot for just over $1500, which is targeting “fans of the brand, engineers, and robotics enthusiasts.”

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