What the Indian Prime Minister said on Crypto-currency at the Sydney Dialogue






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PM Modi recently commented about the important need for democratic countries to work together to make sure that cryptocurrency doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

In a time of change, with technology and data as new weapons, our prime minister Narendra Modi says that we’re now in a historic era where change happens once in an era.

He was also quick to warn that all democratic nations should work together to avoid passing control of cryptocurrency into the wrong hands 

“Take crypto-currencies, for example. It is important that all democratic nations work together on this and ensure it does not end up in the wrong hands, which can spoil our youth,” said PM Modi.

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The Prime Minister believes that the opportunities in the new world are greater for prosperity and progress.

“But new risks and conflicts are arising, from new means of conflict below the sea’s surface to conflict in cyberspace. Technology is already a major instrument of global competition and will shape the international order of tomorrow,” he said.

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Following the introductory remarks by Scott Morrison, PM Modi addressed the gathering in Sydney.

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The Sydney Dialogue is being held in November. It’s an initiative of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

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