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Ukraine at war – Crypto community to extend complete support!






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War affects a country in millions of ways. It does not just affect the casualties and general public but also contributes to the economic disruption.

Russia at war with Ukraine comes up with several repercussions for Ukraine. Ukraine before the war was equivalent to approximately less than one-third of Russia’s stability. The war has affected its economy, and the country will face a hard time. To suffice the needs and support, people are doing the best possible. The cryptocurrency society is also extending the best financial assistance.

With increasing threats of invasion, the Bitcoin community has already started its charity. On Friday, it has sent approximately 3 million dollars as support to the Ukrainian army. It worked this through Come back alive, a non-government organization for the benefit of the people in the nation.

Apart from the volunteer charity, users are flooding the social media of the Ukrainian Defense Minister to accept the crypto aid that is coming to the account. Kuna, the stock exchange of Ukraine, has also started a fundraiser seeking help for establishing a sizable fund for the needs.

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Thanking the helping hands as a whole, the government of Ukraine gave out a message about the plan of the aids. It aims at helping the maximum number of people as possible and divides the work into three parts.

The first contribution is by direct donations, and it goes by catering to the needs and support of individuals in the country. The second is by “pan_danil”. It is by an NFT artist who plans to set up the NFT auctions. The auction aims and promises to donate a percentage of sales to Ukrainian artists. The third is by the project pledges aiming to aid the entire nation. 

Despite the support by people from all across the globe and replies that link several NFT artists, people still live in fear. No money can replace the threat over the people living in Ukraine. It has already lost approximately 800 personnel on Friday but exhibits the courage to defend the motherland. With a war happening on both sides of Kyiv, both nations suffer damage. Ukraine reports approximately thousands of casualties on the Russian end.

Russia is undoubtedly at the upper hand when fighting the war with Ukraine. Ukraine is sure to suffer an economic crisis post-war, but with the complete support of the people who stick with humanity, it will rise again.

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