Tennis Star Serena Williams Make It Big With $111 Million Inaugural Funds






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Serena Williams is the shining star of the tennis sport with a plethora of achievements in her bag. Time and again, the Women’s Tennis Association has assigned her as the singles world No. 1 for her timeless merit. The world knows her for grabbing multiple titles, including 23 Grand Salam victories; however, there is no stopping her beyond tennis also.

Serena Williams is breaking the internet and wowing the market by funding a whopping amount of $111 million for her early-stage venture capital firm. She has made it amply clear that her investments are centric towards the aspiring entrepreneurs having a technological vision, especially those belonging to lesser-known communities like women and minorities.

The American professional tennis player Serena Williams makes way for undeveloped categories with her investment.

This confirmation came from a post on the official Twitter handle namely, @SerenaVentures. The post came with the words, “The big day is here! We are thrilled to announce that Serena Ventures has raised a $100 million fund to power early-stage startups focused on improving our daily lives through innovative products and services. And invite founders of all kinds to #PlaytoWin.”

The question about why she was interested in this investment kept popping everywhere. Selena was quick enough to state the reason verbally in front of all viewers by elaborating, “The reason I started @SerenaVentures is that I feel like the venture capital ecosystem really needs an inclusive player, and a player with a platform to make the necessary intact change at scale.”

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In a talk with DealBook, the tennis star cum venture capital investor said, “I have always been fascinated with technology, and I have always loved how it really shapes our lives.” She further revealed the point that struck her and motivated her to move on this path.

For her, the point of realization came when she heard Caryn Seidman Becker, CEO of Clear Secure, saying in another interview that less than 2% of venture money goes to women. William says that she could not believe it, and asked Caryn, ‘Tell me about this 2 percent — I know, maybe you misspoke.’ However, Caryn replied, ‘No, it is true.’

These words touched Serena and inspired her to do more for women and minorities. She said, “I literally couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that 98% of all of this money we’re talking about — billions of dollars — goes to one type of individual.”

She even expresses her happiness for finding her husband Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit while discussing investment topics with him. She stated in this context- “I was talking about investments. When I met, that was our first conversation. That’s how we met.” 

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Talking about the portfolio of Serena Ventures, there are around 60 companies that have SendWave, MasterClass, Daily Harvest, and many more names therein. NFT marketplace, crypto, Web3 startup, and other technology-driven projects are also on the tab of Serena Ventures. The tennis star is indeed going up with these thoughtful investments

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