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Sylvester Stallone enters NFT space by launching PlanetSLY






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Sylvester Stallone has made headlines for launching a namesake blockchain project, PlanetSLY.

The actor’s cryptocurrency initiative is designed for his fans plus anyone interested in the world of NFTs and collecting assets.

Sylvester Stallone’s limited edition NFTs will be available to the public in April, just after they start selling.

While Stallone’s star power isn’t what it used to be, his involvement with the NFT space is very good news for crypt investors and otherwise.

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Sylvester Stallone NFTs

SlyGuys are a type of NFT named after the actor Sly Stallone. To be eligible to buy, you need to post a video of yourself proving your fandom on social media & providing the link.

The requested video needs to be a performance, artful presentation (or even an impression) that conveys your passion for Stallone. The actor would also like videos showcasing how this person has changed the fan’s life for the better.

A 4-figure quantity of SlyGuys will be allocated in total. There are a mere 25 people who will sign their name to them, making them much more unique.

These rare items known as “Golden SlyGuy” will surely appreciate in value. If you want to buy them, they will be available through OpenSea where they are being sold and traded.

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SlyGuy will offer you exclusive access to a variety of items when you purchase NFTs.

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