Parler Striving To Attract Crypto Enthusiast By Introducing Trump NFTs






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Parler is a social media platform that has come up with Non-Fungible Tokens to expand its base of users.

It is all about online networking platforms nowadays, where people share their views and communicate regularly with each other. Parler is one of such digital spaces for social networking and blogging having Donald Trump supporters and more extremities as its associates.

The ongoing news around this platform is that it is planning to release NFTs to catch the attention of crypto admirers and broaden its reach. According to several reports, Parler is going to make its first move with Non-Fungible Tokens that will be about Donald Trump. The release will be done over its NFT marketplace, namely DeepRedSky.

Parler Striving To Attract Crypto Enthusiast

The social media platform, Parler has itself confirmed the same through its official page. It talked about the first NFT collectibles that will be known as the “Official CryptoTrump Club”. It is quite evident that this feature is the tribute of the American social media platform Parler to the 45th president of the U.S.A.

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DeepRedSky has also marked the same as acknowledged and it talks officially about how each CryptoTRUMP is unique because it has pictures of the 45th president Donald Trump in different settings. It is being said that there are 10,000 NFTs in this context and out of this 250 are labeled as extremely rare NFTs.

However, things are coming up contrarily and intriguing for everyone. The reason behind such mixed feelings is that Parler is launching NFTs of Donald Trump’s character. However, the world knows that Trump has said unfavorable things about cryptocurrency earlier. In an interview in 2021, Trump said, “Bitcoin just seems like a scam. I do not like it because it is another currency competing against the dollar.”

It is just one statement to mention, but he had made several negative remarks on several occasions about the crypto market. Thus, many people are considering this move by Parler to be highly risky.

The Chief Technical Officer here says that there is a need to move beyond the political arena. Parler aims to move aside all the limitations and is coming up with a diverse range of NFTs. It caters to attend to different sections of society and offers something to everyone to increase its audience fast. 

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Some have also questioned Parler’s idea to copy its strong competitors like Twitter and more because even they have done similar NFT releases. However, the CTO of Parler stands firm and regards such copying remarks as baseless and wrong. He said, “Let me be clear that we are not trying to copy Twitter, in any way.

Part of our pitch to creators is that we are a free speech platform that is not going to demonetize you or kick you off if you say something that violates orthodoxy. We also want to provide additional creative features for creators to be able to not only reach different audiences but be able to monetize.

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