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OneOf NFT Platform And Legendary Duke Athletics Partners Up To Launch Collectibles On March 5th






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On February 25th, duke men’s basketball announced their recent collaboration with energy-efficient sports and lifestyle NFT platform. They are planning to launch some new collectibles on the platform.

They will launch the collectible on March 3rd of 2022 and the auction will go till the 5th of March. This will coincide with the March 5th Cameron indoor stadium game. This game is also the last game of Mike as the head coach of the team. 

They mentioned how this collaboration will be one of the very first steps taken by duke athletics to enter the NFT world. Also, OneOf mentioned that this was the first time they worked with Duke’s. 

Both the parties mentioned that a part of the collection from the auction of the NFT collectible will go to a charitable cause. This donation will go for The Emily K Center which is a non-profit run by the head coach of Duke’s. He helps young children to become skilled citizens of the community. 

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Who is duke’s men’s football?

Duke’s men’s basketball is the team from Dukes University. It is one of the most successful programs of men’s basketball in the US. Blue devil’s dynasty is their unmatched team of payers, comprising some of the rising stars on the basketball court. 

The team is coached and guided by Mike Krzyzewski, who has many accolades under his belt like the award for National Coach for 9 consecutive years and name in Naismith hall of fame. He has led the team of the blue dynasty and has created the duke’s program one of the leading in the country. He has been holding the position for the last 40 years. In 2022, he will hand the baton of his position to associate coach and national champion Jon Scheyer. 

To date, the duke men’s basketball program has brought several accolades like final four appearances 16 times, 5 NCCA championships, Atlantic coast conference titles 12 times. Also, the program has produced 80 NBA players, 74 as all-American players, 13 as national players. 

Who is OneOf?

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This is a fan-friendly and environmentally sustainable platform for minting new NFTs for creators, artists, athletes, etc. They specialize in sports, entertainment, lifestyle, music collectibles of NFT. One of the biggest attributes of this platform is its energy efficiency process of minting NFTs. They use 2,000,000 times less energy by using proof of stake environmentally aware cryptocurrencies like polygon, Tezos, etc.

They are also working on a better feature to bring in more artists who can create new NFT with zero fees. They are also allowing non-crypto buyers of NFTs to use their credit or debit cards to make transactions. 

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