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MIR4 Is All Set To Get New Staking Game By WeMade






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A new NFT staking game has come out to excite the players and is named MIR4 by the founder WeMade.

It is great news for all game lovers that WeMade has launched an improved staking game, MIRAGE, under their esteemed label MIR4. Their creation is all about newer Non-Fungible Tokens, aka NFT characters that are utterly stimulating. WeMade is a prominent game developer from a South Korean background and has its origin in Seoul.

The world knows them for creating the marvelous The Legend of Mir series MMORPGs where The Legend of Mir 2 and The Legend of Mir 3 have shone outstandingly. The promising team came up with MIR4 in 2021 and stirred the gaming world immensely. MIRAGE is indeed another stepping stone that is ready to wow the players.

According to resources and interviewers, both the versions MIRAGE and MIR4, are in foil to each other even when they share the mutuality of being set in the virtual reality portal. The primary point of connection between both these staking games is that they are the products powered by Draco.

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Thus, it will be right to say that any player can sign up their NFT character to the web-based MIRAGE directly from MIR4. Resultantly, the player will be able to mine the abundance of Hidden Valley nodes for Darksteel and Septaria. The distinctive point about MIRAGE is that it will excite the gamers with an innovative module. It works with the help of the macro-management that eventually enhances the NFT character to fit well in the game; thus, turning them into playable assets.

Talking further about the working of MIRAGE, each interested player will have to create an account with the WEMIX Wallet. After creating an account, the gamer will then list at least one NFT character on the register of the MIRAGE to participate in the following gaming events.

The developers have put in thoughtful mechanisms even for those who do not have a MIR4 account already. It means that even if you are not registered with MIR4, you will still be able to participate with MIRAGE staking by signing up with the WEMIX Wallet.

However, if a player is already registered with MIR4, he/ she can have certain edges. For example, as a MIR4 user, you might be having the token, namely Hydra. You can use Hydra to get a token of Vigor in exchange, and then use Vigor to enter Hidden Valley in MIRAGE.

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The game keeps getting thrilling because the developers have put a limit up to which a player can stake in Hidden Valley. After the Hidden Valley in a player’s MIR4 account gets occupied completely, the player may choose to Assault the weakest NFT character in the Hidden Valley for further rewards. Destroying the weakest character comes with several bonuses.

It does not end here for WeMade; the developers strive to bring more goodies.

Disclaimer: Cryptogurukul has no relationship to these projects, and there is no endorsement or investment advise. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.

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