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Minecraft Is Taking It To The Next Level With Web3 Upgrade






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Minecraft to introduce crypto gaming layered with blockchain and Web3. The coming of crypto has been keeping millions of people intrigued, and its activeness from the last two years has brought way more thrill. Tech experts are coming up with new ideologies that were far from imagination. Everything is turning digital, and the result is the introduction of a virtual reality world in the name of the metaverse.

Metaverse is an online module where people will be able to play, work, rest, exercise, and do anything from the comforts of their home physically, but get transported to any other place virtually. This concept is grabbing the attention of many genres, and gaming has emerged to be one of them.

With this same insight, we today have NFT Worlds that is a virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain. Time and again, umpteen people have regarded NFT Worlds as limitless that have innumerable explorable opportunities. The bigger news is that this online platform is coming up with an innovative and promising integration with Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the most popular gaming portals online that has millions of monthly active users worldwide. Thus, when the announcement regarding NFT Worlds and Minecraft working together came out, gamers went bonkers.

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NFT Worlds is setting its eyes on Minecraft

The more interesting part is that NFT Worlds has glorified Microsoft’s sandbox video game Minecraft with a top layer of the advanced technologies Web3 and blockchain. It is indeed going to change the online gaming experience with utmost creativity and realistic features. This adaptation was possible because Minecraft follows an open-source protocol where any enthusiastic tech-savvy can work. This gaming platform has kept hundreds of millions of players engaged throughout.

The confirmation was done officially on the Twitter handle by @nftworldsNFT. Their post said, “In-game $WRLD purchasing, transactions & the P2E $WRLD layer will be rolling out soon. Completely frictionless, no gas is required to spend/transact $WRLD in an NFT World. In this demo video, we built a simple “Shop” using the $WRLD layer and bought an Apple in-game with $WRLD.” The post also contained a demo video that gave the viewers a teasing trailer of the upcoming gaming thrill.

Amid all such news spreading like fire, there is another significant matter that needs due attention of the readers. It is imperative to know that the developers of NFT Worlds are still non-affiliated with the Microsoft company.

However, they have stated in several interviews that they are in regular touch with the Microsoft reps to keep in check that nothing goes adverse to Minecraft’s End User License Agreement, or EULA. The agreement between the parties also states that Minecraft developers cannot mint anything from what Microsoft had established on its own.

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Plenty of other developers and companies are also stepping ahead to create games in the metaverse.

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