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KPMG Canada goes for World of Women NFT after the bitcoin purchase






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NFTs are the most trending investment modes across the minds of brands and people. KPMG, as one of the top auditing and multiservice firms, needs no introduction. It currently made its recent purchase of Bitcoin. Now it proceeds to buy the Ethereum via World of Women NFT. 

It tends and plans to bring about a change and awareness amongst people about the working and use of corporate NFTs. With owning the ENS domain of kpmgca.eth, it purchases the World of Woman NFT at 25 ETH. Costing approximately 70000 dollars, it tends to make good use of woman #2681, who comes with blue skin and wavy hairs.

The KPMG family understands the demand for digital acquisitions and assets in the corporate world. They wish to extend the same necessity and knowledge to their clients and express the need for storage and building the best. 

KPMG Canada goes for World of Women NFT

According to Kareem Sadek, the co-leader of the Canadian group KPMG, the digital currency of NFT can take different cases. It can take a high stand in marketing, acquisition, holding customers, recruitment, and much more. 

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It is the new transformation that every society needs and works towards upliftment for the right cause. It announces the proud purchase of the non-fungible token. Having its asset, KPMG Canada plans to bring more under its umbrella as time grows. 

The KPMG Canada tends the public and aligns with their ideas and needs as a whole. Purchasing an ENS domain, the firm tends to make transfers and transactions easy for people in the world of NFTs. It starts with digitalizing the assets and calling out the people for its new channel. 

For the first time, the KPMG team brings a new change. This February, it adds Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to its balance sheet. With a hope of transforming its ideas and flexibility of the digital assets for the best, it is sure to earn rewards. 

Being an advisory firm that helps several corporates, KPMG knows the process of acquiring and holding digital assets. It now plans to act as a guide in strategizing the ways for acquisition. It also helps with storing and protecting the NFTs as a whole. 

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Strengthening the role and position of women in the world of NFTs, the KPMG tends to work against the underestimation of women. It tends to work towards a social rationale and plans routes to bring more life into similar causes that uplift society.

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