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GCDS set to Launch Its First NFT






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The popular Italian clothing brand GCDS’s alien mascot Wirdo is getting the NFT touch.

GCDS is excited to let you know that the pink character is going to be the protagonist of our first step into blockchain-based NFTs!

Through this programme, GCDS will create 4888 NFTs on Ethereum.

When you purchase a portrait, you get a one-of-a-kind portrait and access to the community of other owners, as well as future services like live events.

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For example, these services may include access to pre-sales of runway pieces or capsule collections.

The new wardrobe offers 30% discounts on their e-commerce and digital items to use during different meta-worlds.

We also have a range of activities that members can get involved with, including exclusive private sales for concert tickets, raffles for limited edition clothes and the chance to win runway show passes.


The first sales of the GCDS NFTs will take place on Friday on the brand’s website.

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Transactions will be available in both fiat and crypto currencies.

“Everybody can invest in NFTs, they are accessible and transferable to anyone in the world,” said GCDS CEO Giordano Calza. The brand was founded by Calza and his brother Giuliano in the year 2015.

Calza highlights that this vision is aligned  with their brands’s approach and its mascot, “an alien who [embodies] our willingness to be on everyone’s side as an inclusive brand.”

“This initiative helps people own digital assets that are resistant to devaluation over time and protected by blockchain technology. The growing popularity of GCDS provides the opportunity to expand its community and generate more value. They don’t have to stay limited to producing physical goods.” further added by executive.

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In the past week, the brand’s followers on Instagram have been able to get a glimpse of their upcoming project by viewing a series of animations posted on their official account and a separate profile dedicated to Wirdo.

Content includes many educational slides, Explanations of what an NFT or blockchain are.

One of his generation’s most poignant messages, Wirdo best embodies this sentiment and is one of Giuliano Calza’s favourites.

The GCDS brand was originally created by Calzas in 2015 as an acronym for “God Can’t Destroy Streetwear,” though it has also been known as Giuliano Calza Design Studio. The brand is now maturing in terms of design and expanding its product offering.

The company was able to secure a sizeable investment from the Italian private equity firm “Made in Italy Fund,” managed by Quadrivio and Pambianco by the end of 2020.

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