FC Barcelona Shares Their Plans To Launch Their Own Cryptocurrency And NFT Collectibles And Metaverse






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The market of cryptocurrency and NFT is growing rapidly. Every day some celebrity or sports teams are launching their NFT through NFT marketplaces. The latest addition to the NFT world is FC Barcelona.

On March 2nd, FC Barcelona announced its entry into not only the NFT market but also the cryptocurrency market. President of FC Barcelona Laporta mentioned that soon they will be launching their own cryptocurrency.

Recently, many crypt companies offered to collaborate with the football club to create a cryptocurrency and NFT. But, the club rejected every single offer. On being asked, Laporta said that FC Barcelona takes pride in their technology and innovative minds. They were planning to launch their cryptocurrency for a long time and therefore were not looking to collaborate with anybody else.

FC Barcelona Shares To Launch Cryptocurrency, NFT Collectibles, Metaverse

Only a few days ago, the club announced that they will be launching the NFT collectible of the team as well on the Ethereum network.

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The decision to launch NFT and cryptocurrency came after the sudden decline in the funds putting the club in financial distress. In the mobile world congress, FC Barcelona’s president mentioned how the club is facing financial issues as compared to other clubs. He said that other clubs are owned and supported by big corporations, unlike Barcelona.

Barcelona club is mostly owned by 160,000 members. Therefore, he said that launching the FT collectibles and cryptocurrency can help the financial position of the club among others. He believes that their innovative mindset helps them to earn money, unlike other companies.

Some recent reports also suggested that the club is planning to launch its own Metaverse as well. In a recent interview, Laporta mentioned that unlike other teams and clubs Barcelona focuses on earning money through sports. Cryptocurrency, NFT, and Metaverse of the club will focus on the players and sports.

However, no fixed pathway has yet been discussed with the media or fans across the globe. Many are pondering over the fact of whether the cryptocurrency that is launched will be meant for payments or as a partner token. If for payment process, it will be used for purchasing tickets and other merchandise of the club. The club has mentioned that whenever they plan a complete strategy to launch the cryptocurrency, they will announce the plans with the fans globally.

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This is not the first time that FC Barcelona has taken part in innovative measures ahead of other clubs in the world. They have in the past launched projects like Barca studios which is an audio-visual studio where football-related content is marketed and created. They also have a team for eSports that takes part in various world championships.

About FC Barcelona

Barcelona is a member-owned football club and is not backed by any corporation or investors. The club was founded by Joan Gamper in the year 1899 in Barcelona, Spain. Currently, the club has around 160,000 members. The members create the governing body of the club and also decide the president of the club. Currently, Joan Laporta is the president of FC Barcelona or Barca. The club plays n various leagues like UEFA Europa, UEFA champions league, LaLiga, and Copa Del Rey.

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