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eBay may Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoin Payments






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In an interview, Jamie Iannone, CEO of eBay Inc., has recently revealed that the eCommerce giant is looking forward to accepting payments via Ethereum and Bitcoin. According to media sources, eBay is researching all the possibilities to add support for Cryptocurrency payments. 

The CEO has revealed that the company will make an official announcement soon on the upcoming investor day scheduled for 10th March. eBay is not accepting crypto payments presently, but on investor day, they might go deeper on all the things, advertising, payments, and focus categories. 

The concept of accepting crypto payment is geared towards making the company a go-to platform for Millennials and Gen-Z.

Conciliatory of Millennials and Gen-Z

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The eCommerce market is all set to grab the attention of Gen-Z and Millennials, and hence it is focused on learning the potential of integrating crypto as doable technology of charges. 

In the past couple of months, many surveys have been conducted. It has highlighted that Gen-Z and Millennials are crypto-friendly and encouraged eBay to become an enterprise in the crypto-verse. 

Without the official announcement, the CEO has recognized the increasing reputation of NFT buying and selling on its platform. The corporate is also focused on changing the insurance policies in the final year to make the platform a hub for purchasing and promoting something new. 

The CEO also stated that the agency has been putting all the efforts into combining crypto for some time now because of the increasing demand of the asset class. 

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The Additional Shot at Crypto 

Accepting crypto as payments is likely to be appreciated in the market, and it won’t be the first dabbles with crypto for corporate. eBay initially tried to include BTC funds back in 2014 when it was in the nascent stage.

There are many speculations in the fiscal year that the corporate was discovering BTC fee integration with NFT trading. However, the integration of crypto fee plans might experience the sunshine of the days because crypto adoption may change into mainstream. 

Besides, eBay’s adoption of cryptos like ETH and BTC can be additional help for mainstream adoption. In the recent interview, the CEO was also seen requesting whether or not the corporate will add the crypto reminiscent of ETH and BTC to the methods of a fee. He also identified highlighting the platform’s target. 

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Major Highlights!

  • eBay is the leading eCommerce marketplace, and it is looking forward to adding crypto as the major payment option on the platform. However, nothing is clear as the CEO will be announcing it on the investor day scheduled for 10th March 2022.
  • The company dabbled with BTC payment year back in 2014. But it was not a success. 
  • eBay’s priority target market is Gen-Z, and the CEO believes that the growing technology can be a boon to cater to the needs of the masses.     

The multination e-commerce giant eBay is focused on adding crypto payment on the platform to cater to the needs and demands of Gen-Z. However, the company will be confirming it on the investor day on 10th March.       

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