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Dutch artist Dadra releases an NFT for everyone in the world






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The Dutch artist Dadra NFT project will break the records this month by bringing the world closer. A social experiment launched by NFT Digital Right Management Platform RAIRtech and Dutch Artist Dadra focuses on offering immutable blockchain identity, resulting in 7.9 billion digitally recognized NFTs of CryptoGreyman.

Physically, all the NFTs look similar, each carrying a unique serial number. The idea behind the project is both powerful and simple, promoting the corporate vision of the community.      

What is the Concept Behind Cryptogrammer NFT by Dutch artist Dadra?

CryptoGrammon is the NFT collection of over 7 907 414 597 NFT. The huge spacious project represents a typical corporate employee wearing a suit with a briefcase and a cranky look on the face.

Digital artist, Dadra’s collectible looks very simple compared to the new NFTs, ranging from fully body collections to 3D avatars. The project aims to bring variations in colors, rarity, and highly detailed pieces. 

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As per the Dutch artist, the collectibles will stand for the 21st century corporate and business world and how the world perceives by companies and institutions. Today, people are only considered a number, which is why the project is launched with unique serial numbers and similar appearance. 

Besides, the project also focuses on addressing the present pressure, which is different and unique, the delusion perpetuated by the social platforms. 

About Charitable Collaboration with RAIRTech!

Initially, the Dadra collection was launched in 1990 with Greyman character. As time passed, the concept was redesigned, and it turned out to be a fascinating representation of the common issues across the world. 

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With the launch of Cryptogramman, the developer wants to make a difference in the real world. So, it urged Dadra to collaborate with RAIRTech, the NFT-based platform, to aid and support all the refugees. 

Together in collaboration with NGO Movement on the Ground, the trio taught the refugees how to develop digital wallets and trade the Non-Fungible Tokens. According to Dutch Artist Dadra, having a digital wallet can help them take wherever they do and start a new life in the free modern world. 

The Cryptogramman NFT price has dropped on the Polygon Layer 2 Solution on 22nd Feb 2022. The cost of each digital asset is One MATIC, equal to $2, making the digital asset accessible to all. 

The project was launched to support the refugees as they face issues and struggle to get proper forms of identity required to get refuge. Governments and countries always consider asylum seekers and refugees as the people who have fled during unimaginable situations. So, they find it difficult to get an identity. To help those refugees lead a dignified life, the NFT project was launched that teaches them to create a digital wallet to start a new life that helps them travel anywhere without restrictions. 

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The NFT project is democratic and breaks all barriers to entering a country internationally. The holders of Cryptogramman will get the unique serial number, and it will help them until they hold the token or until the Blockchain has ceased it to exist.

Disclaimer: Cryptogurukul has no relationship to these projects, and there is no endorsement or investment advise. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.

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