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Crypto – the new trade in the world of drinks and fast food!






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Cryptocurrencies are one of the most recent trends that decentralize the currency into tokens. Further, these tokens are tradable depending on the value it holds as per the time.

The blockbar in the NFT world works by adding value to the brand label. It comes with its unique coin and stores it in the minting space in Singapore. An individual often buys this as an asset that holds value. They can further use it for exchanging the same for a bottle or a meal box.

The first to invest in the blockbar were the 15 rare bottles of Glenfiddich that came up at a high price. Further, Hennessy too invested in the first eight bottles that carried a value of approximately 70 ETH. Over time, several well-known brands, including the Hello Fam, Dictator, Bacardi, too came up with their personalized tokens of NFT to contribute to the crypto market. As the bottle market rose its standards to walk with the trends, the meal brands too came up with a unique idea.

Burger King decides to rule the market of NFT by placing uniquely and differently of acquisition. It plans for approximately six million meal boxes and calls it “Keep it real meals.” Each of these meals comes with a unique barcode. When one scans this barcode, it unlocks a distinct reward. An individual has to collect these rewards, which will further lead to bonuses in the world of NFTs.

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Burger King plans to make the meal boxes fascinating and diverse. For the same, it does not just come with an NFT. Burger King collaborates with different artists and keeps up three meals before an individual. When an individual chooses one set and scans for the rewards, it may lead to a surprise. It comes with the prize of winning an NFT, an autograph by Nelly, Anitta, and LILHUDDY, or even a phone call with them.

Dipping the feet in the world of blockchains and demands of the world, Burger King and several other brands plan to work with Ethereum and other cryptos for the best. Emerging into the best with their customized coins, they lead to a world that comes together as a pleasant package of everything.

The changing market and demand work the best way to invest in something reliable. With the top brands investing from Bacardi to Burger King and McDonald’s, crypto is sure to be everyone’s way of asset exchange.

Disclaimer: Cryptogurukul has no relationship to these projects, and there is no endorsement or investment advise. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.

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