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Circa- All Set To Be The First Las Vegas Vickie Casino On Blockchain






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Vegas Vickie to get a release date for its launch as NFT through Circa resort in Las Vegas.

Vegas Vickie is undoubtedly an archetypal character that brings the image of the cowgirl in neon colors to the mind of any person instantly. It is the pioneering recognition symbol of a casino in LV that has gained attention across the globe. However, Vegas Vickie is making more news lately for making it to the modern NFT marketplace.

This popular character is going to be released at Non-Fungible Token, which will eventually make Circa the first casino in Las Vegas to stand on a blockchain portal. The same was confirmed by Circa team via a post on Twitter that also had a video by Borbay, a renowned artist. The Circa resort further said that their NFT collection will come with several more goodies like VIP treatment.

For the sake of clarification, an NFT is a mechanism where people buy, sell, and own things digitally instead of physically. Such an ownership or transaction can be about any possible thing like music, video, image, painting, symbol, plot, etc. Thus, the coming of Vegas Vickie on NFT means that the neon cowgirl sign will now be available for digital collectors. The resort does not want to stop with this single release only; it talked about bringing more collectibles very soon.

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The CEO of Circa talked about putting the original painting by Borbay in the Legacy Club. The Legacy Club is all about the premium and unparalleled experience of looking at the wowing city at a rooftop lounge that is built on the 60th floor of the resort. Derek Stevens, the CEO made a statement, ‘It is going to be one of the elements of Circa’s art collection here, we are pretty excited about adding an original up here and showing it off at Legacy gets every a chance to come and see it.’

Even Borbay who drew the painting gave an uplifting statement, and his words about this concept were that “I think this is going to be a defining moment, not only in the casino space but, in the NFT space itself.”

Sources reveal that he is also gearing up for a whole NFT series and not just the Vegas Vickie alone. Borbay is a self-represented artist and the co-founder of NFT of the ART. He looks forward to such more projects and feels positively excited about NFTs.

Disclaimer: Cryptogurukul has no relationship to these projects, and there is no endorsement or investment advise. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.

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